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Comparative Strengths of Hair Gels

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lucy ponzio

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Comparative Strengths of Hair Gels

Notes and Safety Precautions
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
Controlled Variables
Comparative Strengths of Hair Gels
By Lucy Ponzio 8L

To determine which brand of hair gel of four samples can maintain the most height after human subject has undertaken a physical task.
The strongest hair gel is hypothesized to be the 'Schwarzkopf Instant Freeze Jelly' as it contains the highest concentration of PVP, which is the ingredient that when mixed with water or alcohol strengthens the hair cuticle, which makes the hair gel hold.
50g Alberto V05 Wetlook Styling Gel (moderate in PVP)
50g Schwarzkopf Spike Styling Gel (low in PVP)
50g Shock Waves Extreme Free Styling Gel (low in PVP)
50g Schwarzkopf Instant Freeze Jelly (high in PVP)
1 Bottle Shampoo
30cm Ruler
Human Subject (hair)
Pair of Gloves x 4
Blow dryer
Kitchen Scales
Gloves are to be worn at all times as to prevent the spread of chemicals or exposure to them.

A new pair of gloves is to be used for each application of hair gel to avoid cross contamination of products.

All measurements will be recorded using a 30cm ruler.

From this experiment we can conclude that the 'Schwarzkopf Instant Freeze Jelly' was the most effective in maintaining height in the subject's hair. This supported the hypothesis that the higher the concentration of PVP the stronger the hair became. The hair gels 'Schwarzkopf Spike Styling Gel' and 'Shock Waves Extreme Free styling Gel, while offering the most immediate height were unable to maintain this height after physical activity. In comparison, the brands 'Schwarzkopf Instant Freeze Jelly' and 'Alberto V05 Wetlook Styling Gel' while not offering the most immediate height, performed better in maintaining it.
I will change only one thing:
The brand of hair gel used.
I will record:
The height of the hair before and after a physical task has been undertaken with varying brands of hair gel (representing different concentrations of PVP)
I will keep the following the same:
Condition of the hair when hair gel is applied
The hair being tested
The style of the hair gel in hair
The physical task undertaken.
The amount of gel applied.
1. Collect all equipment and set up.
2. Wash subject's hair with shampoo.
3. Blow dry hair for two minutes or until still slightly damp.
4. Apply 50g Alberto V05 Wetlook Styling Gel to hair and mould hair to achieve the maximum possible height.
5. Let hair gel set for 1 minute and record height from scalp.
6. Get subject to jump 20 times on the trampoline.
7. Record height again.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 with remaining three samples of hair gel.
Although the experiment was an overall success there were a few minor limitations, difficulties and things that could have been executed better.
To make the experiment more fair there could be three or more trials conducted, the same person styling the hair and possibly a different physical task or a different test. eg. going under a blow-dryer for 30secs.
The only apparent difficulty was that it was hard to ensure that the hair was in the same condition before each trial. This could be helped by testing moisture levels before proceedings.
Further investigation would include testing how well it holds over an extended time-period (eg. 1 day) for a more naturalistic approach. However problems may arise with weather patterns and daily activities.
Hand-Drawn Diagram
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