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Master LA Real Estate Presentation V2

This Prezi starts with what do you questions first

Danny Key

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Master LA Real Estate Presentation V2

Get Cash Back on every purchase turn expenses in to assets
New Appliances

New Carpet and Tile
New Furniture

What are a few things you, as a Realtor, do for your clients?
How can we make our home sell faster?

What can we do to improve curb appeal?

We need a topnotch cleaning company.

We should get quotes to paint the house.

What can we do to spiff up our new home?

Who should we use to replace the carpet?

Who will fix the garage door?
Find houses for Buyers

Market houses for Sellers
Find multiple properties for Investors
I have 3 houses that need new roofs
and 2 houses that need new kitchens.
And they all need paint and flooring!
Create a Whole New Income Stream
What if there was a way for Real Estate Firms and Agents to tap into, and profit from, the Home Improvement Industry?

Sounds like a win, win situation, right?
Almost 70% of homeowners had home improvement plans, are planning on spending an average of $3,500
Home renovation is almost a $300 billion industry in the United States
Lets take a deeper look
Basic Home Improvements:
New Garage
Bathroom Remodel
$15,000 -$50,000

Major Kitchen Remodel

Two-Story Addition
New Roof
New Basement
Big Remodels
and Additions
Maid Service
Landscaping and Lawn care
Home Maintenance
and Services
Handy man fixes
Many Homeowners
choose to work on
their homes themselves
How about help your clients save money when
they shop at Home Depot?
Building Materials
Voice over:
All homes need ongoing maintenance. With our program you can get paid every time your client uses one of the Loyalty merchants.
And much more...
Profit From
Home Services
Now you can continue to make money from every house you sell.
And now you can help save your client money at the same time.
What magic have you done for your clients?
Take a look at the markets you can now profit from
Voice over:
What if, by doing things you already do – you also benefit with every referral. And every house you sell.
Voice over:
And what if your clients also get cash back discounts and other benefits from using your referred merchants?
But you also can make money. Everytime your client does a home improvement project.
Every client and situation is special and unique .
Suggest ways to save money
Recommend quality service providers and merchants

Offer advice for improvements
Voice over:
The sellers objective is simple they need to sell their property. There's a lot to go into the property to maximize the selling price sometimes changes need to happen

Voice Over:
Not only do you have happy clients are now saving money and home-improvement specialists are getting new business you're actually getting paid for it. Something that's never happened before
Voice over:
imagine earning a referral on a big remodel or edition we're not talking small ticket items here these remodels to major dollars if you could make money from referring contractor builds in addition on a house that's some big bucks
8 Voice over:
Every client has a different situation. has special needs is someone selling a house or buying a house they are all unique and most needs some special attention
Voice over:
Many times we suggest changes to property before our client advises the personal touch to make their new house home
Voice over:
Those of us who deal with investors know the fast-paced world that they live in. Many of these clients are dealing with multiple properties so saving money and having resources available is crucial to their bottom line
You make money at the same time your client saves money shopping
RE prezi -V2
Now there's a way!
You Can Now Create a New Income Stream
From Your Real Estate Business...
One that continues to pay you after the sale of a home
Now you not only made you commission, when you sell the house.
And best of all you make money when they shop at Home Depot
Creating value for your clients through your knowledge and resources is what you get paid for.

Imagine getting paid every time your customers put gas in their cars,
buy groceries, make home improvements, dine out, or take a trip.

If you’ve indicated an interest in knowing more, I’ll send you a link to an online presentation, and in under 15 minutes, you’ll get the details to see if there’s a fit.

Thanks again for your time and interest,
and we look forward to welcoming you to the Cashback Community.

Click the next button to learn more
You Can Now Create a New Income Stream
From Your Real Estate Business...
#2 Hello and Welcome! Give me a few minutes of your time and let me show you how you can create a new income stream from your existing real estate business...
Let’s take a peek at some of the things you do to serve your clients…

#5 Find houses for buyers
Market houses for sellers
Find multiple properties for Investors

#7 As you know, every client has different needs and we are here to serve them through the process.
# 9-12
As we walk our clients to the finish line, we are always recommending merchants and service providers for home improvements – from paint to flooring and everything in between.

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