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lamees hakeem

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Najran

Palaces Capital
Presented by:
Lamees Abdlhakeem
Reem Al-shehri
Tahani Rabeai
In the ancient trading center of Najran, the capital of Najran Province, old and new buildings stand side by side, giving the oasis city a special charm.
Visitors to Najran can enjoy several museums, including the ruins of the Al-Ukhdood settlement, a former commercial center that thrived from 500 BC through the 10th century. The Al-An Palace, a former governor’s residence, is a remarkable example of local architecture with its circular towers with white ramparts. Najran’s souq is well known for its traditional crafts such as colorful baskets, leather products and old Bedouin silver jewelry.
Also of interest is the Al-Madik Dam in Najran Province, the second largest dam in Saudi Arabia. The dam has become a tourist attraction with parks at each end and wide variety of palms, flowering shrubs and citrus trees.
1- Museum
2- BC
3- Architecture
4- Settlement
5- Flowering shrubs
6- Traditional crafts

Al-Ukhdood settlement
Al-An Palace
Najran’s souq
We hope you all enjoyed and learned something new.
If you have any questions, it would our pleasure to answer you
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