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Copy of The house on Mango street.

The funniest project!!!

Norka Padilla Ratnavale

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The house on Mango street.

Step 2
Step 3
The Road Ahead
The House on Mang Street
Let's Take a look...

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
The House
On Mango Street
About the Author.
Sandra Cisneros was born in chicago in 1954. A daugther of Mexican father and a Mexican-American mother. She is internationally acclamed for her poetry and fiction, and the recipient of numerous awards. Beetween others book of the same author, we can find
Woman Hollering Creek
Other Stories
, and
Loose Woman
Who lives in Esperanza's home?
Some people who live on Mango Street...
Benny and Blanca
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(Esperanza's sister)
Kiki and Carlos
(Esperanza's brothers)
Esperanza's Mother and Father
Esperanza's aunt.
The queen
of cats
Who are some characters?
This book is about the life of the latina girl Esperanza who lives with her familiy on Mango Street. There she learns many importants things about her feelings, and the heart's secrets.
Her biggest dream was have her own house, a big big house with a beautiful garden. And takes care to her family.
This book dosen't have a story that goes throug the whole book, but it is lake a diary, the diary of Esperanza. Where she talks to us all that happen on Mango Street, the neiborghoors, the houses, the people, and the things that they do all together.
One of our favorites chapters is born bad because Esperanza's aunt said "you just remember to keep writing. You must keep writing. It will keep you free". That's true because if you write you can say to all the people who you are, how do you think, what are your impretions.
This was our presentation we hope you liked it!! Now a review game
Lets take a look what is going on in the house of Cathy Queen of cats
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