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The Tree of (my Digital) Life

No description

Stephanie Wiens

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Tree of (my Digital) Life

Foundation - EC&I 831
The Tree of (my Digital) Life
Where I began...
In 2006, I wrote a travel blog while I backpacked through Europe - www.europesolo.blogspot.ca
This was my first foray into blogging.
I had a Facebook account, I deactivated my Facebook account, I reactivated my Facebook account using an alias, and finally I unveiled my "mask" and continue to use Facebook on a limited basis.
Instagram! It was the first app I downloaded when I got my iphone last December. I love Instagram!
Pinterest - I don't pin, but I peruse others' boards when I'm searching something specific. I could spend hours on here.
In the past I have used Googledocs to collaborate on group assignments.

From Awareness to
Verbs that describe my last three months as a student in EC&I 831: Tweet, question, think, share, write, list, listen, watch, read, comment, facilitate, create, laugh, wonder, etc.
In no way did I utilize or put in to action every app, e-tool, resource, video, article, concept, etc. that was brought to my awareness in this class!! However, I feel that I have come a long way! Metaphorically speaking, my roots have grown and there are leaves emerging from the buds.
"Experimentation is an endeavor of novelty" - I definitely feel that I have had the opportunity to experiment with many "novel" ideas in this class.
I tried to choose a few things and put my effort towards them instead of trying to do everything, and yet I still didn't manage to Tweet everyday, blog as often as I would have liked, or read and comment on others' blogs enough.
Becoming a SMART teacher
Atlast, I'm fortunate enough to join the 21st century of projection technology! I've been awaiting this day since I was told last year I would be getting a SMART Board.
The process of having my whiteboards cut down and removed to the SMART Board actually being installed was about three weeks.
SMART Exchange proved too smart for me to accomplish any resource hunting in the beginning.
I participated in my first Twitter chat - #smartee - which is for educators who use SMART Boards. I will admit I was more or a lurker in this conversation, but I continue to follow many of the other participans.
My SMART training was last Thursday, November 28. It was somewhat of a disappointment because they hadn't updated all the laptops we were working and therefore were not able to use the Gallery Essentials to create lessons or activities.
I did bring back a few tips and tricks to my classroom such as using the magic pen to spotlight or zoom-in, capturing pages to save in SMART notebook, locking images, and linking images to websites and other pages.
I also figured out my issues in SMART Exchange and have since found many helpful lessons.
Have I used the SMART Board as more than just a glorified projector? Yes, but it brings me great joy not to have to role in a projector cart and unwind cords every time I want to use something web-based to engage my students' learning!
The Fruits of My e-Learning:
I may not be ahead or anywhere near the front of the technology wave, but I feel that I have an awareness that was lacking before. When my students talk about ASK. fm. now, I know what they're referring to.
I am proud of my blog posts, as inconsistent as I may have been with blogging. I enjoy the outlet and appreciate the comments and feedback you receive.
Twitter is now my friend and not my foe. It has become a great source of inspiration and learning, especially in relation to this class.
Penzu journals have been a realistic and useful adaptation in my class towards using more technology.
I have taugh myself how to use another e-tool: Prezi!
The SMART Board is slowly but surely becoming a tool to enhance my teaching.
Future Growth
The list is lengthy, however I definitely want to try a parent awareness session like Shannon and Harmnoy!
Teach students more about digital citizenship, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Try a Google Connected Classroom Virtual Field Trip.
Learn/teach how to make videos, movies, and screencasts.
I want to facilitate more digital storytelling!
With the approval of my school division I want to create a classroom Twitter account.
I want to try using Aurasma to create book reviews.
I want to learn more about flipped classrooms and how to make that a reality.
Lastly, I want to continue learning and being aware of the world that is technology in and as education!
Continue to follow Alec and EC&I 831 future sessions.
Couros, Class and Connected Learning
Twitter, Wordpress Blog, and Google+ all in one week! This was very overwhelming for someone with a well-"un"defined social media presence, or more like an aversion. Hashtag!? What's that?
Declare yourself:
Participatory culture - Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship, and character education.
Since establishing myself I have sent "me" 50+ twitter links of interesting articles, images, etc. and I have yet to curate them in any meaningful way.
Getting use to Blackboard Collaborate was a task in itself; following the chat stream, the audio, the slides, links and tunning out the world around me was a feat in itself.
Growing Awareness
Citizenship - see Tweet at right - my retweet record! Digital citizenship needs to be addressed - it is not all bad, neither is it all good. We need to educate students and parents!
MOOCs - failed attempt - The History of The World Since 1300. A result of topic or time?
Digital communities are very real - Google Hangouts, #chats,
Maker Movement/Genius Hour - I ordered Sylvia's book
Invent to Learn
. At some point I plan to put together a maker kit. "Teachers don't need to teach the process".
Online Activism - This resulted in me showing my students a bunch of youtube videos and websites promoting online activism, which led to me finding a very cool social awareness and fundraising store:
Digital Storytelling - Alan Levine (Cogdog) "One of the best ways to understand something is to create a story about it". I have since used http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com
several times, several different ways to prompt several different stories.
One of my greatest accomplishments!
Goodbye loose-leaf and duo-tang journals! Hello Penzu e-journals!
Students love them!
These journals are very user friendly for the students and for the teacher.
There's an app you can download for your phone.
This e-tool is definitely one that I will be continuuing to use.
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