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FIT Self-Guided Tour

No description

Florida` Tech

on 15 June 2017

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Transcript of FIT Self-Guided Tour

FIT Self-Guided Tour
Welcome to FIT!
1. Harris Commons
The first floor of the Harris Commons building houses the Student Center for Success which contains the following offices:
Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admission
Financial Aid
Campus Services
Career Management Services
Office of the Registrar
International Student Services
Student Accounting

The second floor of the building is home to the
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
. The space is fully equipped with multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, a student lounge area, research labs, and faculty offices.

In April of 1975, Florida Institute of Technology began its non-commercial educational radio station as WFIT, a student-run college radio station. In January of 2006, WFIT changed its daytime programming from smooth jazz to “Triple A” (Adult Album Alternative) radio. The next major change came in 2012; WFIT moved into the building you see here which is equipped with six recording studios, a performance studio and a conference studio. Since its inception in 1975, WFIT has also sponsored hundreds of concerts, cultural events and streams many local educational segments to encourage lifelong learning.
Welcome to your self-guided walking tour of our Florida Tech campus. You're here on campus as a visitor, but we hope you leave an alumnus! By visiting our university, you can learn and connect with our campus, student life, history, and academics. This self-guided tour gives a synopsis of the daily student-led tour of the campus that is offered through our Undergraduate Admission office.

The tour will begin at the Admission Office located in Harris Commons and will end in front of the Clemente Center. The route will take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to complete and cover a distance of 1.7 miles.

Panther Fact:
In the late 1980’s, WFIT was regarded as one of the top alternative music college radio stations in the country!
Florida Tech's non-commercial educational radio station
The home of all the student services on campus
3. Gleason Performing Arts Center
Right next door you’ll find the Gleason Performing Arts Center, which hosts a variety of professional and community productions throughout the semester. The College Players, a drama group on campus, puts on one student-produced musical or play each semester here. Check out their most recent performance at
insert link.
Other campus organizations bring in additional types of entertainment ranging from headlining comedians and cultural celebrations to academic symposiums.
A friendly wild black cat lives around Gleason Performing Arts Center and has been appropriately named "Gleason." Recognizable by his left clipped ear and well-loved by students, Gleason has become our unofficial school mascot!
Panther Fact:
4. Link Building
This is the home to DOES, the Department of Ocean Engineering and Sciences which encompasses Oceanography, Ocean Engineering, Meteorology, and Environmental Science, along with housing two other engineering departments: Biomedical Engineering and Construction Management.

This building underwent renovation in May 2013 to become the new home of these expanding departments. Within the Biomedical Engineering department, a variety of breakthrough research is being done ranging from tissue-engineered vascular grafts and studying bone restoration to gold nano-particles for cancer treatment. Our meteorology students have the benefit of working with the local National Weather Service forecast office to perform research specializing in tropical cyclones and studies of wind and waves.
This is the home to our Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, Biomedical Engineering and Construction Management
6. Academic Support Center
The center provides tutoring for the majority of courses, even offering assistance for more difficult upper-level courses upon request.

Tutoring is offered completely
to students and sessions are led by trained, CRLA certified undergraduate students who have received an A or B in that specific FIT course
The center also offers a
paper proof-reading service
in which students can drop off a paper and have it reviewed and corrected within 48 hours for any mistakes in spelling, grammar, and syntax
The center contains special accommodation test-taking rooms and the Office of Disability Services which provides a variety of services to assist students to successfully reach their academic goals
Tutoring in math is separate from the ASC and provided by the Math Advancement Center run by the Mathematics Department; this separate center is located just a few buildings away in the academic quad
Tucked within the front of the Evans Library building, the academic support center is a tutoring facility that provides instructional support to help FIT students succeed
7. Evans Library
The Evans Library is composed of four stories, each floor having a unique feature to offer students. You’re welcome to visit each one and if in need of more information, the iDesk on the first floor is there to answer any questions.

The library is generally open from 7:45 AM- 12:00 AM, but with extended hours offered as a convenience to students during finals week and study days. The library also participates in an award-winning inter-library loaning service which increases the amount of research journals, books, and general information that students can access.

The third floor of our library hosts the Applied Computing Center, the main computer lab of our campus. Each computer is preloaded with all software that any student would require for their studies. The third floor also contains a large collection of government documents.

The fourth floor and uppermost level of our library is a student designated silent zone. It contains an extensive collection of books and a variety of different seating and study station options for students.
The first floor offers:
computer stations
, a
coffee shop
with snacks, a
touchscreen board
in which you can reserve study rooms,
, and a
help desk
The help desk, or iDesk, is where students can ask questions about research and rent books.
Reserve textbook materials are offered which are made available by professors for student use while in the library.
The technology lending service is also located at the help desk where a large variety of technology devices for students are available for lending, such as
iPads, laptops, cameras
A library teaching auditorium is located
in the front next door to the ASC
The second floor contains many open study tables, an extensive collection of periodicals, and the newly opened
Digital Scholarship Lab
. The Digital Scholarship Lab has a variety of GIS enabled computers, 3-D workspaces, 3D printers, data analysis tools, a theater with a video wall that is 4’ x 10’ and other digital tools and resources for students and researchers to collaborate and engage in equal access of learning. Try a spin in one of the black or red chairs!
Tucked around the back of the first floor is the University Archives Exhibition room, which displays records of the history and impact of Florida Tech! Check out
for more.
Panther Fact:
The fourth floor of the Evans Library has an Anti-Gravity Lounge including a collection of blankets and pillows for students to use, a hammock and zero-gravity chairs. You'll often
spot a snoozing student here
taking a rest between classes!
8. Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts
Located adjacent to the Evans library, Florida Tech’s Ruth Funk Center is the only textiles center in the state and one of very few in the nation. The center serves to promote cultural appreciation and understanding of the textile arts and offers free admission to all visitors.

The center first began as an exhibit on the first floor of Crawford in 2003, with the free-standing campus center built later in 2006 after an influx of support from the local community and $1.25 million gift from Ruth Funk. The museum is home to its own collection of international textiles and also preserves and displays a new visiting textile collection with each academic semester.

The museum attracts visitors from all over the state and works with FIT’s Foosaner Art Museum (located in Eau Gallie) to host discounted art classes to students and faculty, art festivals, and jewelry sales from local artists. FIT offers a minor in textiles for students thanks to the contributions of the center.
9. Botanical Gardens
As you enter our Botanical Gardens and start to walk down the Dent Smith Trail, the first thing you'll notice is a one-room school house tucked behind some foliage. This is the oldest schoolhouse in Brevard County! It’s also a reminder of past times and to compare how education in this area began with what it has grown to be. Walking further along the trail, you can find over 200 species of palm trees and 300 species of other plants which are combinations of both Florida native and exotic plants. This is a great place to relax between classes, complete with a variety of trails to explore.
Fifteen acres of lush, beautiful greenery, designated by our founder to be a natural and increasingly diverse hammock garden
10. The Rathskeller & Black Kat's Kafé
The Rathskeller is located on the ground floor of Evans Hall, referred to by Florida Tech students as "The Rat." The Rat is a great place for casual dining with a big screen TV, game room and stage where you might catch karaoke or an open mic night. The Rat serves a cooked-to-order menu with fresh baked pizza, deli subs, burgers, and french-fries. The Rat also has a convenience store with a full line of bottled drinks, snacks, novelty ice cream, and a grab-n-go section with sandwiches and salads. On campus delivery is offered for free to students!

Located adjacent to the Rat is the Black Kat’s Kafé. This is a small café that offers delicious custom milkshakes, coffee, muffins, and other types of desserts. It is perfect for late night cravings and open from 7:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

11. Residence Quad
Residential housing located in the heart of campus
The Residence Quad contains:
Shaw Hall
Wood Hall
Grissom Hall
Campbell Hall
Evans Hall
Brownlie Hall (located across the street)

The Residence Quad is generally occupied by sophomores, juniors, or seniors with Campbell Hall being designated for freshmen only. The second floor of Evans Hall is home to club offices, the student government office, 24/7 computer lab, lounge area, multimedia room with La-Z-y boys, and a music room complete with piano and keyboard. The large green lawn between the buildings is often utilized by the students for fun activities such as impromptu soccer and ultimate Frisbee games. Also on the lawn is our new sustainable Ethos Community Garden. As the campus continues to embrace sustainability, it's only natural that the students get involved as well.

The main four buildings are standard single or double occupancy residential rooms with communal bathrooms. Evans Hall is suite-style with a shared bathroom between two rooms. Brownlie Hall is also suite-style with semi-private bathrooms, a pool and laundry facilities all of which are conveniently located on the first floor.
For those interested in learning more about the different species of plants, a separate map and self-guided tour handout is available for download online and can be found at:
12. Columbia Village
An apartment-style freshmen residential area
Located across Crane Creek, Columbia Village is an
residential area for freshman only. It was dedicated in 2003 in honor of the Columbia mission with each of its seven buildings named after a fallen astronaut of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

In this style of housing, each student has their own bedroom with two shared bathrooms, a living room, and kitchenette to be shared with three other roommates. Entering the breezeway into the village you will notice the Student Commons Building which houses the convenience of laundry facilities, mailboxes, a residence life office, as well as a multipurpose room which is available for student use. Walking around CV in the afternoon you will typically see people hanging out with a football, a Frisbee, or something else to take their mind off of academics.
Panther Fact:
After heavy rainstorms, students on their way to their rooms can often spot manatees and other Florida wildlife regularly swimming down Crane Creek from the Columbia Village Bridge!
13. Roberts Hall
A traditional-style freshman residence hall
Housing only freshmen, Roberts Hall is our largest residence facility and is located on the north side of campus. In this traditional-style residence hall, two students share a bedroom and use a community bathroom for that wing. Roberts is the second tallest building on campus composed of seven floors each with two wings and a shared common area between them. All of the rooms are bright and spacious with built-in desks, closets, drawers, and extra long twin beds. As with all the other residence halls on campus, each room features two connections to the campus fiber optic network, free cable TV, and a micro fridge.

Ask any freshman who has lived in Roberts Hall and they will tell you that the memories they made here (usually of impromptu movie nights and floor hang outs) they wouldn't trade for the world.
15. Panther Plaza
16. Denius Student Center
Right in front of Panther Plaza is the main hub of student life on our campus. You’ll rarely hear this building called by its original name; it's referred to by students simply as the “SUB.”

This building contains the following:
The Sub Café, where one can always find a good breakfast, tasty lunch, or early dinner, located on the first floor
The Campus Bookstore, where you can purchase your Florida Tech t-shirts, bumper stickers, snacks, and of course, textbooks!
The mail room and student mailboxes, located in the rear of the building
The Student Life Office, the Campus Activities Board, and Greek Life Office all located on the 2nd floor
The Hartley Room for networking events and lounge area
17. Jerome P. Keuper Administration Building
This building was named for the founder and first President of the University, Dr. Jerome P Keuper. Within this building the Office of Communications, Creative Services, and Marketing can be found. The Keuper building was the original university library and where admissions and other student services were once located.
18. The Academic Quad
The statue in the center of the courtyard is of Dr. Jerome Keuper, our university founder and first president. If you follow his statue’s line of sight, you’ll notice it looks right up into the office of our current president, Dr. McCay. We like to think that Dr. McCay consults Dr. Keuper from time to time when important decisions are made.
A beautiful courtyard enclosed by academic buildings housing labs, lecture rooms, administrative offices, and more
Panther Fact
WFIT radio station was originally broadcast from the basement of Roberts Hall!
FIT is home to 100+ clubs and student organizations, 8 fraternities, 3 sororities, a student activities trip series ($20-$40 trips to Disney World and $500 Spring Break Cruises!) and also offers a missionary spring break option.
Panther Fact:
19. Crawford Tower
The Crawford Building is the tallest building on our campus with its seven floors towering over the city of Melbourne. Named for a distinguished engineer and industrialist, Fred Crawford, Crawford Tower was Florida Tech's first million-dollar building. The building contains the School of Arts and Communications, the Department of Mathematical Sciences and other various academic departments throughout its many floors. Crawford is utilized as one of the main classroom-containing buildings on campus.

The large grassy area in front of the building, known as the Crawford Green, is the site of the Florida Tech Grad Bash and the annual Botanical Festival. Every spring FIT brings in a variety of plants from local growers for the community to purchase and holds sessions to inform the public on the diversity of Florida’s greenery and give professional gardening advice.

20. Skurla Hall
Home for the College of Aeronautics
Skurla Hall lies next to Crawford on the corner of West University and Country Club Road. Inside this unique building is the College of Aeronautics, home to all students pursuing a degree in the aviation industry. Within its walls are classrooms, a lecture hall, specialized labs for basic aviation training and air traffic control, and the college's administrative offices.

Several aviation clubs also call Skurla home. Ranging from the Falcons Precision Flight Team, Collegiate Aviation Business Executives, and Women in Aviation, these clubs offer an interactive role in the aviation community not only on campus, but in the US as well.
21. Holzer Health Center
Does the outside structure of this building resemble anything else to you? The building is modeled to look like the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the Kennedy Space Center, where assembly of the space shuttles took place! Students can often get a good view of rocket launches from the Cape right from this building’s roof.
Panther Fact:
Did you happen to notice the Chinese clock tower located outside the Keuper building’s entrance? This unique clock was bestowed upon us by the Republic of China consulate in the 1980’s, given in gratitude to Florida Tech for granting fellowship to so many students from the country.
Panther Fact:
Panther Fact:
Can you figure out what this building is supposed to look like from a bird’s eye view? Skurla’s long halls resemble a B2 Stealth Bomber when viewed from the air! However, rumor has it that the plans for this building were finalized before the declassification of the B2 bomber aircraft... Does this mean we knew something that we should not have known? We’ll never tell!
Named for a local doctor who volunteered his time and resources for the students of Florida Tech, the Holzer Health Center is a resource for all students, staff, and faculty. The Health Center offers
walk-in urgent care
with trained and experienced nurse practitioners and physicians for examination and treatment of minor injuries. Office visits are
free of charge
and the center offers immunizations, free over-the-counter medication as well as low-cost prescriptions for students, consultations, and referral services.
Panther Fact:
The Holzer Health Center now has a chiropractor on staff for all students to use! They also offer miscellaneous services of dental cleanings, wisdom teeth extraction, and psychiatric services.
22. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
In the white building next door to the health center you’ll find the home of Counseling and Psychological Services, better known as CAPS around campus. CAPS supports the university’s mission of student success by promoting the best possible academic, vocational, and emotional health for Florida Tech students. The student counseling center provides a variety of high-quality mental health and wellness services to assist students with their overall health, so they can successfully reach their own personal, academic, and career goals. The services are free, confidential counseling for all students in individual sessions or weekly group meetings. The doctors and counselors at CAPS provide seminars throughout the semester, free of charge, for relevant personal and professional student development.
23. Olin Life Sciences Building (OLS)
24. Olin Engineering Complex (OEC)
Directly across from OLS is the largest of the Olin buildings, the Olin Engineering Complex. On the ground floor in the lobby, you will find several student design projects on display, so make sure to take a look!

This building houses the departments of:
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering

The second floor of the Olin Engineering Complex contains a student lounge with TVs, whiteboards, and meeting rooms that students can gain 24/7 access to. The building is home to several state-of-the-art facilities: the Geomaterials Lab, Robotics Lab, MagLev (magnetic levitation) Lab, and a variety of other incredible labs.
Panther Fact:
The Olin Life Sciences Building also has its own animal care facilities for housing small mammals and reptiles (snakes!), along with a specialized 800 sq. ft temperature-controlled greenhouse that can be seen on the south side of the building.
25. Olin Physical Sciences Center
The Olin Physical Sciences Building is the newest of the Olin buildings and houses the departments of
, and
Space Sciences
. The 70,000-square-foot facility provides teaching and research laboratories, faculty offices and enhances the use of technology in teaching the physical sciences. In the Chemistry Department there is state-of-the-art instrumentation and rooms for NMR spectrometers (360, 300 and 60 MHz), photochemistry, glassblowing and computational chemistry.

OPS is the home of Olin Observatory where
one of the largest research-grade telescope in the Southeast, is featured as well as a custom-designed indoor-outdoor astronomical classroom on its rooftop! Students can utilize any of more than two dozen available telescopes for research, observation, or as a chance to relax and look at the stars. OPS is also home of the Geospace laboratory where research is being done on lightning initiation, space weather, and super massive black holes!
Lightning Discoveries at Florida Tech
FIT camera captures amazing lightning flashes in this video! Read all about it here:

The Sky is Not the Limit: Studying Black Holes at FIT
Florida Tech uses the technologies aboard the Hubble to study the masses of 5 super massive black holes that may potentially be billions of times larger than the Sun!
26. Harris Center for Science and Engineering
The Harris Center for Science and Engineering contains:
The Harris Institute for Assured Information (HIAI)
State-of-the-art Aquaculture and Marine Biology labs
Computer Science and Software Engineering Departments

The center was a generous gift from a local defense contractor, Harris Corporation, which has helped make the greater Melbourne area one of the top high-tech workforces in the country. Harris Corporation looks directly at our graduates for future jobs because they know how incredible our quality of education is for producing workforce-ready graduates.
27. Harris Student Design Center
The Harris Student Design Center was opened for student use in November of 2015. This building is designed to house all of the capstone senior design projects that are done during a student’s final year at the Florida Institute of Technology. This spacious building has 11,500 square feet of workspace featuring a 2.5 ton crane, spray booth, welding stations, project storage space, imagineer collaboration room, and much more. Students work on projects ranging from unmanned submersibles and Baja cars to Mars Rovers! This workspace was made possible with a $1,000,000 gift from Harris Corporation and provides students with the space and tools they need to succeed in their innovative designs.
Panther Fact:
On the fourth Friday of every month, Florida Tech hosts a public science lecture series where anyone, public and non-astronomy students alike, can learn about topics in space science and come view the wonders of the night sky from the Ortega 0.8-m telescope.
A state-of-the-art space designated for students to work on their design projects and gain industry experience!
28. Panther Dining Hall
This is the main residential dining facility on campus. The all-you-can-eat dining hall is open generally from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM with a combination of indoor and outdoor seating to choose from. The award-winning chefs here ensure that the menu features many unique and tasty foods with features changing daily so there’s little room for boredom. They offer vegan and vegetarian options, serve different ethnic foods every week, have a brick pizza oven, pasta/salad bar, grill, dessert bar, and much more.

Freshman student meal plans include unlimited access to PDH for either five days or seven days per week that come with $300 and $500 FlexCredit respectively. FlexCredit allows you to purchase ala carte items in any campus dining operation or card equipped vending machines.
Panther Fact:
The international dinner series, launched in 2015, is a monthly occurrence of a night of high-quality global dishes that have been taste tested for approval by FIT international students and staff on campus! Regional themes range from African to Chinese to Caribbean food and more!
29. Aquatic Center
The aquatic center is home for the varsity men and women’s swim teams and opened back in June of 2011. Located between the Clemente Center and the Panther Dining Hall, the 32,000 square foot facility features a competition pool and a recreation pool for student and community use. The competition pool boasts nine, 25-yard lanes complete with a one-meter and a three-meter diving board. The recreation pool varies in depth from three to six feet and includes three 25-yard lanes, stair entry, and wading benches. Both pools are equipped with geothermal heating and cooling systems.
30. Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation
The Clemente Center houses the intramural gyms, athletic department offices, racquetball court, and a huge workout area. The fitness area features many options for strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and group fitness classes. Free exercise classes are offered every day including kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, Latin dance and many more! The use of the Clemente Center and the classes offered are all free for enrolled students. You can also take classes here that will count for college credit, such as karate, intro to weightlifting, and more.

Clemente contains another dining facility on campus, the Center Court, which has very healthy food options and delicious smoothies. With a seating capacity of 3,500, the center hosts the university’s commencement ceremonies and many community events.
The center offers recreation equipment rentals to students such as free volleyballs, basketballs, and more. There is also affordable outdoor recreation rentals offered here such as kayaks and canoes for students to use in the Indian River!
Panther Fact:
31. Southgate Apartments

Panther Plaza is the paved courtyard between the Keuper Administration Building and the Student Union Building. Almost every day you can spot at least one club or organization that is fund raising for a charity or hosting an event. During the school year, three major campus-wide events are hosted at this location. In the fall the President’s Picnic is held on the plaza with lots of music and free food for students and alumni. In the spring, an international festival with cultural performances representing our student body is hosted here and exam jam, a fun, de-stressing event before finals for students. Each are incredible opportunities to connect with students, faculty, and the community (plus some really good food!).
Now take a closer look at what's inside each of Evans floors!
ReDress: Upcycled Style by Nancy Judd
Modern Twist: Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art
Take a Closer Look:
Past Exhibits
The only textile art museum in the state of Florida
The brick courtyard was designed by our founder to look like the courtyards of MIT, his Alma Mater. The buildings surrounding the courtyard house labs, lecture classrooms, administrative offices, the technology support center, and department storage facilities. You’ll notice here in particular that the beauty of the botanical gardens also extends elsewhere on campus with colorful Florida flora, numerous palm trees, and natural wall features to the buildings. The attractive landscaping that is meticulously kept around the Florida Tech grounds received recognition in 2011 not only for its beauty but also for the sustainability practices that are employed in its upkeep.
Take a Closer Look: Florida Tech's Early Days
Aquaculture Labs: The Multiplication of Fishes
Harris Institute for Assured Information
Founded in 2009, the Harris Institute brings together computer science, psychology, business and biology to carry out cutting-edge research in computer security. A partnership with Harris Corp., a corporate leader in cybersecurity based in Melbourne, Fla., the institute is one of the primary sources for graduate-level information assurance and cybersecurity research at Florida Tech for solving real-world cybersecurity problems.
HIAI Website:
With a university only ten minutes from the most biodiverse lagoon ecosystem in the northern hemisphere, and only fifteen minutes from the ocean, what better place is there to study marine science? Students here work in a commercial aquaculture facility to cultivate fish and explore the natural habitats right from their backyard.
Checkout a time lapse video of students working in the high bay area!

Find more info on senior design projects here:
As you complete your self-guided tour and head back in the direction of the Admissions office, you’ll see Southgate Apartments located across Babcock Street. This housing option is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The apartments within the nine different buildings vary in style from studio to two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. Southgate features its own recreational pool and sand volleyball court in its center for students to enjoy.

A large green field is located right right next door to the apartments on the corner of University and Babcock Street. The recreational field is used for intramural sports like ultimate Frisbee and cricket, as well as other outdoor campus events like homecoming fest, Holi Festival of Colors, and more!
Take a Closer Look:
Link Rooftop Weather Station
Check on the weather in real-time, right from campus! The observation station located on the roof of the Link building collects weather data and posts the information online. It can be found below at:

Crossing the street on the south side of West University Boulevard, you’ll enter into what some call the most pivotal buildings in the life of our institution, the Olin Engineering and Science Complex. Composed of three Olin buildings and the Harris Institute, these state-of-the-art facilities were designed for cross functional teaming and learning.

The first, the
Olin Life Sciences
building, houses the Department of Biological Science’s twelve modern research and teaching labs, two classrooms, faculty offices and research space. As you walk through you’ll notice that each professor’s office is located adjacent to a lab. This is to accommodate the professor’s various obligations, allowing them to stay available to students while still close to their research. Professors and students are permitted a better interaction while studying, researching, and learning. Also in its halls you'll find student research projects on poster displays all around the first floor and a state-of-the-art microscopy lab housed in the building’s center.
The Fire Lab: Marine Megafauna and Harmful Algal Blooms
Here's Dr. Fire's research team assessing sea lion/fur seal health in Peru!

The Fire Lab research looks at large, ocean-dwelling animals' health as indicative of ocean health. Dr. Fire also studies blooms of marine algae that are causing devastating effects on marine mammals and other ocean life.
Florida Tech's Snake Charmer: Dr. Michael Grace
Dr. Grace looks at the mechanisms of thermal imaging of pit vipers', pythons, and boas, oh my! The natural thermal imaging capabilities of these snakes could inspire new artificial sensors and help us understand how they survive.

Check out this short video of Dr. Grace's research being featured in the National Science Foundation.
Biomedical Microscopy Center and Materials Lab
Our biomedical engineering students get to work with state-of-the-art equipment in their very own microscopy lab. Here they get a close-up look to learn and research areas that could change the medical field. One of the most noteworthy pieces of equipment is the Instron, a mechanical testing instrument that either stretches samples or compresses them, useful for biomechanics research.
Doppler Wheels onto Campus
FIT Meteorology students using a Doppler on Wheels radar for some team research. Students were trained at the Melbourne National Weather Service and then sent out to target and monitor thunderstorms!
DOES Research Facilities
OES has marine laboratories and field research sites both on the Indian River Lagoon and at the Vero Beach oceanfront marine research facility. The Ralph S. Evinrude Marine Operations Center houses small outboard-powered craft and medium-sized work boats. These vessels are available to students and faculty for teaching and research use in the freshwater tributaries and the lagoon. At the Vero Beach Marine Lab, flowing seawater allows research in such areas as aquaculture, biofouling and corrosion using various instrumentation. Other separate laboratories exist for biological, chemical, geological, physical and instrumentation investigations.

A coastal weather station by our coastal processes research group is also set up at Sebastian Inlet State Park. Their weather and wave data can be found here:

Take a Closer Look:
From an initial donation of 37 cents, FIT was begun as a "night school for missile men" under the name Brevard Engineering College. It's mission was to enhance the qualification of the scientists and engineers leading America's race for space before it became what it is today, a leading research institution across a broad spectrum of fields. To learn more about our early days, click the link below:
Flying High: FIT Flight Simulators
FIT Aviation students use state-of-the-art flight simulators to learn about flying and safety as they work towards their private license, instrument rating and multi-engine training.

Learn more here!
Ready for Launch: Student Rockets
Every year our Florida Tech student rocket society participates in the annual Hybrid Rocket Competition. Students design, build, test, and launch their project rockets in remote locations. Florida Tech has bragging rights as the first university to successfully launch a student-designed and built rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Station. Students also conduct rocket propellant research, testing their dynamics in space by flying with their experiments on ZeroG research aircraft.

Read more about it here:
Emil Buehler Center for Aviation
Soar the skies! If you're interested in flight, be sure to contact FIT Aviation Training and Research at the Emil Buehler Center over by Melbourne International Airport. You can arrange a tour of the flight training facilities where you'll find:
FAA Diamond Award winning Maintenance Department
Flight line with brand new ramp expansion
Fleet of new G1000 equipped Piper Archers
Newly acquired Center for Aviation and Innovation

The center is located at 801 Harry Goode Way in Melbourne, FL.
Take a Closer Look: College of Aeronautics' Additional Facilities
Take a Closer Look: Biology Research

Take a Closer Look: Research in Physical Sciences
Robotics and Spatial Systems Lab
Meet PantherBot! Students work on this robot platform for autonomous navigation and teleoperation in the robotics and spatial systems lab.
Rock'n Concrete Canoes
Civil Engineering students participate in the annual American Society of Civil Engineers national concrete canoe competitions. Students gain real-world and hands-on experience working on a team to design, build, and test their vessel. The university has a tradition going back almost 20 years of delivering some of the most excellent concrete canoes into competition!
Robotics Competition
Every year, the VEX Robotics Competition is presented here at Florida Tech by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation. An engineering challenge is presented to students in the form of a game where they build innovative robots designed to score the most points possible. In addition to having a great time and building amazing robots, students work with a team and learn many academic and life skills in the process!
Take a Closer Look: What our engineering students are up to
Florida Tech Researchers Prospect Nanotech for Science Breakthroughs
Nick-named the "new goldrush," chemistry and biomedical engineering faculty at Florida Tech are researching the potential for gold nanoparticles that will lead to a range of critical scientific research, from medical to military. Chemistry faculty are looking at the particles properties for increasing the speeds of chemical reactions, while current biomedical applications are aimed at using the particles for diagnosing and treating cancer.
Take a Closer Look:
Congratulations! You have reached the end of your self-guided walking tour route exploring our wonderful campus. We hope that you enjoyed your visit and if you have any additional questions, be sure to stop by our Admissions Office in the Harris Commons to speak with us. You can also reach us by email at:

For information on additional facilities on campus not on the route, continue through the remainder of the tour.
We hope to see you back on campus soon!
Getting around campus:
FIT Trolley System
The Florida Tech Trolley provides free transportation not only around campus, but to
Historic Downtown Melbourne
on the weekends and to
football games
as well!

The refurbished trolleys came from California where they were used at a wine vineyard, hence the grape vines you might have noticed on the window.

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As you step outside the front of the Harris Commons building you'll find one of our trolley stops. The trolley system is a great, safe way to get around campus. Catch one of the trolleys leaving from here and hop off at the next stop to continue your tour!
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Scott Center for Autism Treatment
33. Military Science Building
Florida Tech's ROTC Program is home to the Panther Battalion. We're known throughout the nation for having one of the top leadership training programs in the country. The mission of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is to produce the future officer leadership of the United States Army. The Military Science program at Florida Tech is a four-year elective program that can earn a student, male or female, a commission in the Active Army, the U.S. Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard. Army ROTC is an elective course that provides a combination of academics and hands on training.

Cadets have the opportunity to attend Army schools such as Airborne and Air Assault. In order to further cultural understanding, our program sends cadets to partnering countries such as Thailand, Bulgaria, and Romania. The program is only open to US citizens.
The Scott Center for Treatment is ranked among the best in the world for its research contributions to the field of behavior analysis. The center is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization that provides children, youth and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with a full-range of evaluation and services, from diagnosis to intensive treatment. The center pursues a three-fold mission of clinical service, research and training. Parents and children from around the world now come for the most advanced treatment methods available.

As an integrated component of Florida Tech's School of Psychology and Applied Behavior, graduate students receive state–of-the-art training and supervision from doctoral-level faculty. This prepares them for a future as professionals to continue working to improve the lives of individuals and their families.
Take a Closer Look: College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Additional facilities located off-campus:
32. Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
The ABTA Institute: Activity-Based Total Accountability
The ABTA Institute in the College of Business at Florida Tech promotes activity-based total accountability for effective decision making, open benchmarking, performance improvement and shared data that is reliable and objective. The public as well as government leaders have access to tools, information, processes and methods for identifying the public value of state services.
Center for Entrepreneurship
and New Business Development
The Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development (CENBD) pushes the boundaries of entrepreneurial education, global innovation and practical research in pursuit of new venture creation, sustainability and social value creation. The CENBD fosters partnerships among students, faculty, community members and entrepreneurs by providing resources to facilitate ideation, execution and financing of enterprise creation. These partnerships support an educational environment bridging theory and practice in pursuit of early-stage innovation, business leadership and new business ventures.
The center encompasses the following programs:
Center for Lifecycle and Innovation Management
The mission of the Center for Lifecycle and Innovation Management (CLIM) is to serve as an inter-disciplinary Center for the development of international research on and the dissemination and education of the use of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) concepts, processes, and practices in industry.
Panther Bay Apartments -
1540 Skippers Way NE, Palm Bay 32905
Larson Motor Sports
2495 Palm Bay Rd NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905
Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design
2495 NE Palm Bay Rd, Palm Bay
Marine Operations Center
- 1216 E River Dr, Melbourne, FL 32901
Applied Research Laboratory
328 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne
Center for Aeronautics and Innovation and Florida Tech Research Park -
1050 W. Nasa Blvd., Melbourne
FIT Aviation LLC (Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training an Research)
- Melbourne International Airport
Foosaner Art Museum -

1463 Highland Ave., Melbourne 32935
34. Anthony J. Catanese
Varsity Training Center
The 12,600 square foot Varsity Training Center is a resource for Panther Athletics. Located on the south side of campus in the F.W. Olin Sports Complex, the facility is home to offices for the football coaching staff, a large meeting room, locker room, laundry and equipment facilities, athletic training room and a large weight training room.
35. All Faiths Center
The All Faiths Center, located on the south side of campus, comprises a small chapel, large chapel and the Fellowship Hall. Operating from the All Faiths Center are two full-time university chaplains: a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. They conduct worship services and provide spiritual guidance and education.
36. Mary Star of the Sea Newman Hall
Mary Star of the Sea Newman Hall is a faith-based residence hall that provides apartment-style living for 148 students. The residence hall provides a traditional community approach to student housing with all the advantages of modern design and amenities.
The School of Psychology has multiple centers where faculty perform research in areas of Forensic Psychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Clinical Psychology, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. There are research training clinics located in the Scott Center, outpatient programs, multipurpose organizations, and other associated outside clinics which provide a myriad of research and internship opportunities for Florida Tech Psychology students. You can learn more about some of these centers by clicking below:
Active Minds
Active minds is a national organization that unites students in the goal to de-stigmatize mental health issues within the college community. Some of the activities Active Minds has hosted include a week long tabling event in the Denius Student Center highlighting the theme of mental health awareness with a different focus each day. From depression to alcohol abuse to eating disorders, each day the club members promote education and understanding of various mental health issues. Another activity Active Minds hosts is the “De-Stress Fest” during the week of finals to encourage Florida Tech students to release some of their end-of-semester stress with student-made stress balls and on-campus visits from dogs.

As you pass by the reflection pond before the exit of the Dent Smith Trail, try to spot the family of turtles who make their home there!
Take a Closer Look: College of Business Centers
The FIT College of Business building is located just a mile up the road from the main campus. The college provides well-rounded, high quality educational experiences to prepare graduates for a variety of careers in the global business environment. Students participate in intercollegiate competitions, the student business incubator, and get to work with students from around the globe in the hands-on international X-culture project.
37. Harris Village Apartments
Harris Village consists of 3 five-story upperclassmen residences that include one-, two- and four-bedroom apartments with fully appointed kitchens, living rooms and private bathroom facilities. Harris Village residents have access to multipurpose rooms, which offer large format televisions, exercise equipment, table tennis, a kitchenette and comfortable amenities. A laundry facility with vending machines is on the first floor of each building.
5. Shephard Building
If you walk past our Link building and through the covered bridge, you will find the Shephard Building. Hidden away in the green foliage of the botanical gardens, this building is the home of the education and interdisciplinary studies department which offers programs in sustainability, general science (non-degree seeking), interdisciplinary science, and athletics coaching.
14. The Panthereum
The Panthereum is an outdoor pavilion-style venue located right by Panther Plaza. During orientation week, students enjoy a movie projected on a big screen and various other events throughout the school year. The grassy area and shade structures also make it a nice outdoor study spot. While walking by you may see various student groups practicing performances on the ampitheater's stage!
Supporting Settlement of Mars: The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute
In partnership with the university, the legendary moonwalker has established the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute (BASI) and is now a research professor of aeronautics at Florida Tech! His goal: to promote the settlement of Mars through research

Come Check out Tower Hour!
Come try out our state-of-the-art simulators with an instructor and learn how to land or do maneuvers in the air! Tower Hour is a special program offered by the Basic Aviation Training Device Lab that is designed to be a learning aid for both experienced pilots and beginners. The program is not only open to College of Aeronautics students, but to any student interested in flight. The simulators are each linked up to one another, so everyone can see each other as they fly. Students can even practice real life radio calls with the linked air traffic control simulation!
Tower Hour is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
12:30-2:30 PM on the 2nd floor of Skurla Hall
At FIT's Underwater Technologies Lab, run by Dr. Stephen Wood, research projects have been in development of a new type of surface vehicle for Indian River Lagoon studies: remotely operated sea crawlers (ROSCo V). These are specialized vehicles that allow for underwater intervention by staying in direct contact with the seafloor, reaching places where divers themselves cannot be due to safety and complexity. This allows for discovery activities within coastal regions of the ocean for physical oceanography, environmental impact assessment, and integrated marine environment management.
Underwater Crawlers
Check out the latest developments on the vehicle by clicking below!
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