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What is organizational Coherence?

No description

Herman van Kampen

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of What is organizational Coherence?

What is Organizational Coherence? realise the connection
between the organiza-tional ideals and the processes with the client, The process to create a coherent field of energy in organisations in order to... by redefining the unity of the corporate Source,
the Culture and the social Contribution, and the development of a corporate soul where, core Insights, Strategy, Inner leadership, Interaction with the market, the Attutude of the staff and the Processes with clients forming a coherent whole with in the centre a strong and growing practical Identity. Ten fields of energy Ten fields of Business Administration Intuition Imagination Inspiration Values Insight Compassion Judgement Communication Reflection Attitude Interactions Proces management Competence management (Inner)
leadership Strategy Business
Positioning Vision Business
Culture Portfolio-management Business
Values Business
spirituality Interactions Three vertical pillars Interactions Path of Impuls Inspiring
Culture Path of Connection Path of Form Inner
Meaningfulness Behaviour
Aesthetics Embedding in society Positioning Culture Forming Values and Identity Communication
Protocols Choices
Strategy Development of Insights and
Knowledge Interaction with clients Reflection en designing processes Organizational Ideals Three horizontal paths Mission Leadership Attitude Judgement Market Compassion Processes Management Vision Authenticity Corporate Soul World of
Being World of
Action World of Modelling Innovation Continuity Messenger Relations Decesion
making Direction Connection
Balance Typology, modelling teams Moon Mercury Mars Sun Jupiter Saturn Venus Saturn: the innovator, researcher
Moon: the bearer of the habbits, the processes Mars: Power, decisiveness
Venus: Relations, aesthetics Mercury: the communicator, details, messenger
Jupiter: vision, leadership Sun: Harmony, connection Business Ethics Leadership Organizational Learning The seven vertical Paths The twelve diagonal paths Control Coaching Targets
Protocols Behaviour
Competence Authenticity Planning and control

Judgement Inner Leadership

Compassion Connecting Social Contribution Culture Inner
Source Reflection Embedded Freedom
in Interaction Values Proces Action Reflection
action Reflection
action Single loop learning Double loop learning Behaviour Protocol Reframing Development
of an moral
community Principles Reflection
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