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Poseidon for President Of Mount Olympus!

You must vote for Poseidon as president and the Hydra as Vice President

Bobby Yaxley

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Poseidon for President Of Mount Olympus!

Vote Poseidon for President!
Mount Olympus Presidential Election
Who is The Hydra?
Hydra Photo Gallery
Poseidon Photo Gallery
Who Is Poseidon?
And the Hydra for Vice President
The Hydra is a giant water dragon with any number of heads between 5 and more than 100. The Hydra had one immortal head. The Hydra guarded the Golden Fleece. As one of Hercules's 12 labors, the Hydra was to be destroyed. However, the Hydra was not easy to defeat because once Hercules cut off one head two more grew back. It was only because Hercules cut off the head and then Iolaus burnt the neck that the Hydra was defeated. But because the Hydra had one immortal head Hercules had to cut it off and put the head under a large rock. It was just just like that how the Hydra was defeated. The Hydra is muti headed so that means more work completed!
Let The King of the Sea


The Multi Headed Water Dragon

to your Presidential needs!
Remember To Vote For Poseidon As President And The Hydra As Vice President Of Mount Olympus
Poseidon is the god of the sea (water), earthquakes, and horses. He is the brother to Zeus and is the youngest son of Cronus. He would obviously be the best choose for president because he was second to Zeus in power amongst the gods. The name Poseidon either means "lord of the earth" or "husband of the earth". Poseidon's symbol are a bull, horse, trident, and a fish.
1st Trait of Poseidon
2nd Trait Of Poseidon
3rd Trait Of Poseidon
1st Trait Of Hydra
2nd Trait Of Hydra
3rd Trait Of Hydra
The Hydra is the best choice for the vice president of Mount Olympus. Some people could argue that the Hydra is an evil monster that attacks for no reason. However, when Hercules attacked him, the Hydra was merely protecting the Golden Fleece. These actions mean that the Hydra would be a superb vice president because he is not afraid to attack intruders to protect important things. If the people of Mount Olympus wants a Vice President that will fight for the important things in their country, then clearly, The Hydra will be the next Vice President of Mount Olympus.
Poseidon is the best option for President of Mt. Olympus. It could be said that he can be moody and bad-tempered at times, but he is second in command to Zeus, so he would be the most logical president, since he was technically vice president to begin with. He is also King of the Sea, so it is his moral duty to protect it and all of its features and wonders. For example, Odysseus brutally blinded Poseidon's son, the Cyclops. So then Poseidon sent several bad storms in order to torture Odysseus. Even though this was a brutal act, Poseidon was only trying to protect his son. This supports that Poseidon will be willing to protect the land he rules. This proves that Poseidon would be the perfect president for Mount Olympus because unless someone wants to get blind, no one will even think about invading it, especially with Poseidon and his Earth-Shaking Trident at the throne.
The Hydra would be a great vice president because he is a good at doing multiple things at once. This can be seen when the Hydra emerged from it's swamp it would attack herds of cattle devouring them with it's multiple heads. This means that in his office, if Hydra has a whole stack of papers to sign on his desk, he could get the whole thing done 9 times faster, therefore making a great multi-tasker. This is important so that Olympus can be developed and get things done a lot faster.

Poseidon would make a great choice for president because he is a perfectionist this can be seen when Poseidon was trying to impress Demeter so he made the horse. This is creative because it took him multiple tries to make it and ended up creating other animals. Olympus wants a perfectionist for president because it means that the president will not just settle for their country to be "good". Instead a perfectionist president will want their country to be "Perfect".
The Hydra could also be a great military leader. He could be the general of the Olympus Army. Hydra could strike fear into the hearts of it's enemies, and since Hydra is so terrifying, the enemy might surrender without even fighting a battle. This can be seen when the Hydra is fighting Hercules and then the giant crab helped him. This proves that he has military back up and knows how to use them.. This would make a good vice president because Hydra himself will protect the Olympian people.
Poseidon should be a good president because he is temperamental. We know this because when he is in a good mood he will keep the seas calm. When he is in a bad mood he will create storms. This is extremely good because he will know how to punish the wicked and know how to reward the good. You can see that he punishes the evil because when Odysseus blinded Prometheus, Poseidon sent storms directed towards Odysseus to teach Odysseus a lesson! Poseidon should be president so the bad will know that if they act up, Poseidon will not be letting them off easy...
Another trait the Hydra would be suitable for is that he is intimidating. By being intimidating, Hydra could scare away any criminals or anyone that would cause harm to Mount Olympus. For example, when Hydra emerged from the swamp near a village, he completely terrorized the villagers with his enormous size and many heads. He could have a roar nine times louder, he has nine times more fearsome teeth, and nine times better vision. This is good for vice president because Hydra could deal with felons and protect the people at the same time and could be so scary it would completely terrorize some of the people that were going to commit a crime but are now too scared.
Poseidon was very honorable! This can be seen when King Minos asked for a fine bull to sacrifice, Poseidon gave him the best bull from his herd. In fact it was so good King Minos kept it. This is honorable because instead of Poseidon giving Minos a terrible bull and then say it was good, he gave Minos the best bull. You want a honorable man for president because then when the president says they will get something done, they will.
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