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30. Applications of AI in Networking

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Pengfei Li

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of 30. Applications of AI in Networking

Application of Artificial Intelligence
Game playing
Examples of
Applications of AI in networking
Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
Ant Colony optimization is to by mimic Real Ants cooperating behavior with simulating Pheromone Trail to find out the shortest path.

Concepts of Pheromone Trail
Species (ants)
pheromone trails.
other species (ants).
over time.
with multiple ants using the same path.
Probability of choosing a branch of a path <--- the total amount of pheromone on the branch

Application of ACO in Networking
: traffic-adaptive multipath routing for best-effort IP networks
There are three aspects of AI in the field of network security
Intelligent firewall
Intrusion detection
Intelligent anti spam system.
In firewalls data recognition and processing is done with methods of memory,statistics,probability and decision making. Machine learning techniques are used by AI firewalls to learn from changing network traffic. The level of security from AI firewalls is higher than defense software.
Intrusion detection system provides network security and confidentiality,integrity and availability of system resources.
Intrusion detection system uses data acquisition, data screening, classification and treatment and the state the information generated to the user.
IDS creates four supposition about the computer system they are about to protect or shelter.
Activity by the user or computer system is authorized or unauthorized.
Thank You!
30. Applications of AI in Networking
Farhan, Xu Chang, Pengfei Li
How artificial intelligence improve computer network?
Research Question:
Pengfei Li 1741559
Pengfei Li 1741559
Pengfei Li 1741559
Farhan 18154056
Farhan 18154056
Farhan 18154056
Xu Chang 17911870
Xu Chang 17911870
Ants can find shorter path by using Pheromone Trail
AI that improve network routing ability:
AI that improve network routing ability:
AI that improve network routing ability:
AI that used in network security:
AI that used in network security:
Swam Intelligence
Ant colony optimization algorithms. From http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/11734081
Ant System
Focus: General-purpose heuristic
Global data structure
Focus: Internet Protocol with irregular topology
Routing table
Mobile ad hoc networks
Idea: Use Zones
Pheromone updates
Example ------------------>
From Ant System to AntNet:
Adrian Wilke. (2011).Ant Colony Optimization. University of Paderborn,Bio-Inspired Networking Seminar
Branches of Artificial Intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Logical AI
Pattern recognition
Learning from experience

Ant Colony Optimization
Intrusion Detection System
Google APIs
Google Translation
Offline Explorer
There is some AI in them, for example: master level chess.
Speech recognition
It is possible to instruct some computers using speech.
Understanding natural language
Just getting a sequence of words into a computer is not enough. Parsing sentences is not enough either. The computer has to be provided with an understanding of the domain the text is about, and this is presently possible only for very limited domains.
Computer vision
Some useful programs can work solely in two dimensions, but full computer vision requires partial three-dimensional information that is not just a set of two-dimensional views.
Expert systems

Artificial intelligence technology developed Intelligent anti-spam system to protect and monitor customers email on the basis of security.
The usefulness of current expert systems depends on their users having common sense.
FARHAN 18154056
Artificial ants:
pheromone based on solution quality
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is an academic field of study which studies the goal of creating intelligence, whether in emulating human-like intelligence or not.

The application of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence techniques has been widely appreciated in Computer and Communication Networks in particular, as well as in other fields. This inter-disciplinary endeavor has created a collaborative link between Computer Scientists and Network Engineers in the design, simulation and development of network intrusion models and their characteristics.
Overview of Artificial intelligence
: Source update algorithm
Data structures maintained at the nodes
fordward and backward follow the same sequence:
Data structure maintained at nodes
HOPNET example:
From Gianni Di Caro.Ant Colony Optimization and its Application to
Adaptive Routing in Telecommunication Networks
From Ant Colony Optimization by Adrian Wilke
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