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Edexcel B Geography Specification

No description

Steph Powell

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Edexcel B Geography Specification

Edexcel Geography B
Unit 1: Dynamic Planet
Section A
Introduction to the Dynamic Planet
Unit 3: Making Geographical Decisions
Required to make links between the different parts of Unit 1 and Unit 2 and 6 Unit 3 'themes'.

Unit 4: Investigating Geography
Unit 2: People and the Planet
Section A
Introduction to the Dynamic Planet
Section B
Small Scale Dynamic Planet
Topic 5: Coastal Change and Conflict
Topic 1: Restless Earth
Topic 2: Changing Climate
Topic 3: Battle for the Biosphere
Topic 4: Water World
Section C
Large Scale Dynamic Planet
Topic 7: Oceans on the Edge
Section B
Small Scale People and the Planet
Topic 5: Changing Settlements in the UK
Section B
Small Scale People and the Planet
Topic 7: The Challenges of an Urban World
Topic 1: Population Dynamics
Topic 2: Consuming Resources
Topic 3: Globalisation
Topic 4: Development Dilemmas
Assessment: 75 minute exam
(25% of total marks)
Assessment: 75 minute exam (25% of marks)
Assessment: 90 minute unseen exam (25% of marks)
Assessment: Controlled Assessment (25% of marks)

1. Sustainable development is an important concept.

2. Since the 1990s ‘environmental sustainability’ has become increasingly important.

3. Demand for resources is rising globally but resource supply is often finite which may lead to conflict

4. Balancing the needs of economic development and conservation is a difficult

5. Achieving sustainable development requires funding, management and leadership.

6. Physical processes and environmental changes increasingly put people at risk.

Theme: Town/City Environments - Contemporary Urban Issues

2016 Submission Question

'Investigate the impact of population change on the characteristics
of services in urban areas'
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