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Iconic hairstyles from 1950 to the noughties (2000)

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Charis Budd

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Iconic hairstyles from 1950 to the noughties (2000)

The Beatles
Charlies Angels
Iconic hairstyles from 1950 to The noughties (2000)
rilyn Monroe
`I am not interested in money . I just want to be wonderful .
` Hollywood is a place where
they'll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for
your soul. '
Elvis Presley
`I ain't no saint,but I've tried never to do anything
that would hurt my family or offend god ...
` Some people tap their feet,
some people snap their
fingers, and some people
sway back and forth I
do 'em all I guess. '
`The Beatles created
something that
never trailed off ...'
`There are only four people who knew
what the Beatles were about anyway .'
Jackie Kennedy
`One man can make a difference
and every man should try.'
`The only routine with me is no routine at all.'
`The reason that the all-
American boy prefers beauty to brains is that he can see better than he thinks!!'
`I am proud of
what I have
got and I need
an audience.'
Jackson 5
Princess Diana
`I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.'
`Freedom comes when you
learn to let go. Creation
comes when you learn
to say no.'
`Only do what your
heat tells you.'
`Being a princess
isn't all it's cracked
up to be.'
`I am just like anyone else I cut and bleed and embarrass.'
`We are proud
of our race and
proud of who we are.'
Duran Duran
Billy Ray Cyrus
` Dance into the fire ,
that fatal kiss is
all we need.'
`It's important
to me that I
should be free
to express
`I don't think there's any accidents in my life.'
Naomi Campbell
`I work very hard and I'm worth every Cent.'
`I have no regrets I have my health.'
Jennifer Aniston
`I always say don't make plans make options.'
`There are no regrets in life just lessons.'
David Beckham
`I always wanted to be
a hair dresser .'
Liam Gallagher
`I live for now, not what happens after I die .'
` I find words
really hard.'
Atomic Kitten
`I like the name Atomic Kitten
it's so great.'
Victoria Beckham
`I'm still me after all that has happened.'
`I want a big house with a moat
and dragons to keep
people out.'
Zac Effron
Balotelli, David Beckham,Ronaldo
I hope you enjoyed my presentation
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