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Redmine - The NOMADS Experience

A slide show about the NOMADS team's experience using Redmine at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Redmine - The NOMADS Experience

Phil Cogbill (phil.cogbill@noaa.gov) NOMADS/NCMP
The NOMADS Experience
How did we get here?
Not Relevent
Does not exist
OMG! Reporting
Visibility of work
Issue Tracking
Tracking and Reporting
On time?
How many issues with _______?
Hours worked vs estimated?
Where is it?
Feedback Loops
Respond to customers effectively
Strong coupling between development and operations
Why Redmine?
Easy to install*
Open Source
development environment.
Made possible by the new
Special Fields
Issue tracking is Redmine's most powerful feature. Issues can block, be blocked, precede, follow, duplicate, or be duplicated by another issue.
What does Redmine do?
If it doesn't exist you can make your own trackable fields.
What do you want to track? These are your basic business functions.
These generally are the project's development activities and delineated by milestones with completion dates.
Fully Featured Wiki
Repository Viewer
Issue Tracking
List of current operational issues
Lessons Learned
Takes time to learn how to use Redmine effectively
Needs to be customized for your project's needs
Everyone on your team needs to use it, everyday.
Redmine manages development projects and is not an enterprise solution for Project Mangement
Redmine: http://www.redmine.org/
NOMADS: http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/
Artwork: National Parks Service
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