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The Host by Stephenie Meyer

No description

Amanda Anderson

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Characters What were their roles within the story? Summary of
The Host The Host is about how aliens from deep
space are attacking different planets, and their
civilizations. The aliens (referred to as 'Souls')
get inserted into a body (also known as a 'Host')
and the souls take over. When the aliens reach
Earth, humans start to go into hiding and try to figure ways to get their race back. The Host By: Stephenie Meyer Project by Amanda Anderson How did the
conflict influence
the characters? Melanie
Stryder Wanderer "Wanda" Ian O'Shea Jared Howe How did the
rising action affect
the characters and
story? Ian
O'Shea Jared Howe Wanderer Melanie Melanie Wanderer Ian O'Shea Jared Howe Don't Judge A
Book By It's Cover. Body Image Love Themes How does the story relate to modern day world? Wanderer, also known as "Wanda", was the soul that was placed into Melanie's body. During the story, Melanie fought to stay alive. With that happening, Wanda then became friends with Melanie, and then helped her with her family and friends. She often spoke for Melanie and fought for the human race. Jared is Melanie's love interest during
the story. Before the soul entered in
Melanie, she was in hiding. While in hiding,
Melanie ran into Jared. Jared, Melanie,
and her brother Jamie stayed together.
Now that Wanderer is in Melanie's body,
Wanderer loves Jared also. When Jared first
met Wanderer, he hated her. He had others
in the cave also hate her. Wanderer
had been beaten up severely by them,
until Jared started believing Wanderer that Melanie was still around. Ian is Wanderer's love interest
toward the end of the story. Ian
was one of the first people to believe
Wanderer was good, and helped keep
Wanderer alive. He also helped her
learn new things about humans,
and different things they did in the caves.
During the end of the book, Wanderer was
placed into a new body that Ian picked
out for her. Melanie's body was holding
Wanderer's soul. Throughout the
story, Melanie would give Wanderer
thoughts, and memories, so Wanderer
could help find Melanie's old friends,
and family. Melanie was fighting for
her life, so she wouldn't disappear.
She also became one of Wanderer's
first friends. By the end of the book, they started calling eachother sisters. Melanie was affected by the
conflict first hand because their was a Soul inserted into her body. So during the story, Melanie had to fight back for her family and friends, and fight to stay alive. Wanda was affected by the
judgements people were having of her, because according to their assumptions, she was the conflict. Wanderer had to fight to keep, not only her alive, but Melanie alive, too. She also had to prove to the others that she wasn't like the rest of her species. Ian was affected by the conflict because throughout the story, he was learning more about Wanda, and about her species. He had learned to take an interest in her species. He also had to protect Wanda and Melanie from the others, until they got to know Wanda, and that she didn't mean any harm. Jared was affected by the souls because in his mind, his love was taken away by the soul forever. Until he finally believed Melanie was still with Wanda, he would fight her due to the heartbreak he had been suffering because of her. I believe this is one of the themes of the book because during the story, everyone thought Wanderer was like the rest of her species, and just out to kill the human race (and other races). But, in reality, she was a good soul, and she was not planning to hurt the humans that Melanie was close to. She was trying to get Melanie back for the others, because she cared for them. Wanderer also had a good personality, and she was trustworthy, and had come close to almost everyone in the caves. Another theme of this book would be how love can make you conquer things you never knew you could do. An example from the book where this plays out would be when Wanderer lies to her species to help the humans. She goes against the laws/rules to help Melanie's friends and family out. She went into the Hospital to steal supplies from the Healers (doctors) for Melanies
little brother, Jamie. Body image is another theme of the story because Wanderer worried about if people were talking to her or if people were talking to Melanie's body. Wanderer didn't want people to view her as Melanie, she didn't want her friends to look at her as if she was Melanie. So I would say, take time to know someone before you judge them on their looks, and don't just focus on looks. Life is more than just looks. Wanderer gets placed
into Melanie's body
after Melanie was caught by the Seekers. Melanie gives Wanderer memories, and leads Wanderer to her uncle's hideout from the seekers and souls. Wanderer meets up with Jamie, Jeb, and Jared after almost dying of thirst in the Desert, then goes back to the cave. After a while in the cave, she became close to all of Melanie's old friends and family. Rising Action Wanda began helping out around the cave, she went out and got supplies from the Healing Center for when people got hurt or sick. She also began trying to get Melanie back to her own body. The rising action affected Melanie by bringing Melanie back to her old family and friends. She got to reconnected with them, through Wanda, and she was able to become herself again after Wanda chose to leave Melanie's body. Wanderer was affected by the plot by meeting with Melanie's old friends and family, and helping the people in the cave get supplies, like food, and medical supplies. By going to the cave, Wanderer also met Ian and fell in love. Ian was affected by the plot by meeting Wanderer after Melanie helped her find her way to the cave. He fell in love with Wanda, and he helped her through the hard times in the cave. Jared was affected by the rising plot by having Melanie come back into his life. He was very angry at Wanderer the first year in the cave, because he didn't believe that Melanie was still with Wanda. He had heartbreak due to that. After a while, Jared came up with the idea to go to the Hospital and get supplies and help the people in the cave with Wanderer's help. Our government hides many things from our lives. They do this to try not to scare the citizens, and to keep communities calm and not let the citizens to go into a scare.
It relates to the book by having many of the citizens not knowing that there were souls being implanted into bodies of humans. People went into hiding for years, due to the fear of being caught and sent to different concentration camps. This relates to the book by connecting how Melanie's friends and families went into hiding due to the scare of getting taken away from their lives. The Holocaust Government
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