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Zion National Park

by Daniel Sternesky and Jacob Sierra

Daniel Sternesky

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Zion National Park

Zion National Park by Daniel Sternesky and Jacob Sierra Kaibab formation Moenkopi formation Chinle formation moenave formation kayenta formation navajo sandstone temple cap formation carmel formation dakota formation servier fault erosion creation of zion canyon we used superposition to show that
all of the layers were laid down
oldest to youngest we used cross-cutting to show that the
fault happened after all of the layers were
laid down because it cuts through all of the
layers We believe that Zion Canyon was made
due to the Virginia River eroding the side
and bottom because the river is fast moving the servier fault is due to a major uplifting
deep with in the earth that doesn't create
major mountains or faults but causes minor faults Petrified Wood fossils Fossilized prints of theropod dinosaurs The petrified wood collection in Zion National Park does not count as an index fossil. The fossil is abundant, but not in many places around the area. It shows what types of plants and animals were in the area at the time, however is not useful for rock dating. They do occur in a short amount of time and have distinct features, but are not widespread enough to be an index fossil.With its distinct features it feels like a rock but looks like a tree Imprint fossils found in Zion National Park are impressive, but not enough to be an index fossil. There are not enough of these prints, there are a few dozen of them. These prints do have distinct features, such as the thoropod tracks, which means three toes. They are definitely not widespread. These dinosaurs have lived for a short period of time, but there is not enough evidence to show that it is an index fossil. 260 mya 230 mya 190-136 mya This formation was formed
during the Jurassic period which
shows how thoropod dinosaurs
showed up in these layers and it
was around the time of abundant
dinosaurs and flowering plants. This formation occured around the same time that Pangaea II was forming on a global scale. Shallow sea, limestone Streams, siltstone and sandstone Desert sand dunes, sandstone
this was eroded by the Virgin River which is a combination of the East Fork Virgin River which comes from Navajo Resovoir and the North Fork Virgin River which comes from Navajo Lake.
No living things contributed to the creation of this rock layer, because it was hard for them to survive in a desert environment. The Navajo Formation's key feature is its cross-bedding, which occurs because of constant wind shifts in the Jurassic Period during deposition. It would have looked much like the Sahara Desert today because it was very sandy and there are a lot of wind shifts. This environment is currently being eroded. I know this becuse the Virgin River is the reason why Zion Canyon is being created by eroding the sides of the canyon.

I predict that the canyon will grow bigger due to erosion but also layers will form from the river carrying silt and rocks and laying them down on the riverbed. Hydrosphere Atmosphere Biosphere Geosphere Wind in the atmosphere is key in eroding the rock layers to make designs Life forms create fossils in rocks and organisms are key in forming coal in rock layers Water cycle: Water is evaporated from the Virgin River and condenses in the clouds, which then become precipitation which falls back to the river Some physical Weathering processes that effect our location include the Virgin River, which created and runs through the bottom of Zion Canyon. Another is wind, which erodes the sides of the canyon and create unique rock formations and caves. A chemical reaction that occurs in Zion Canyon is hydrolysis, which occurs when water is added to a substance. A common example is an acid being added to water. This can occur in caves when salt or other substances in the rocks are eroded. When water is added, a chemical reaction occurs. Because of humans or life the atomosphere could get ruined and the air would be unbreathable Gravity affects the virgin river because it moves the river. The reason that the river has eroded the canyon is because gravity is pulling it down. the hydrosphere affects the geosphere by eroding it. The hydrosphere can make new land though by is taking the eroded rocks and take them somewhere else and them gather in one place and them make new land Erosion is the main reason why this area has changed over time and this could happen even more in the future and in many different places.
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