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-Chucho [[936]] -Estella

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Oceans

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The Ocean Covers More 70% Surface
And Is Home Of Many Fish,Mamals,And Plants.
The Ocean Is Made Up Of Salt-Water.
The Ocean Floor Is Made Up Of Shelves
Plains And Mountain Ranges.The Ocean Climate Is About 39 Degress.

Ocean Fish
Ocean Plants The Ocean Is Home Of Huge Of Verity Of Fish And Mamals.Animals That Live On The Ocean Are Also Called Marines. Toxins Harm The Ocean
And Harm A Veriaty Of
Plankton Is A Mixture Of A Plant And
Animal Life In The Open Ocean Away
From The Shore. Aleage And Coral Is A Type
Of Plant That Grows In Ocean
Human Impact Pollution Is Causing Global
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