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Imagine Dragons

No description

Liam Sol

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Imagine Dragons

Daniel Reyonlds
Dan Reynolds sings the lead vocals, plays the bass drum, snare drums, floor toms and the acoustic guitar.

Daniel Platzman
Daniel Platzman sings the back-up vocals, plays the drums, viola, acoustic guitar, snare drums and the tambourines.
Ben McKee
Ben McKee sings the back-up vocals, plays the bass guitar, keyboards,
acoustic bass, bass drum and floor toms.
There are 4 members in the band their names are: Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Ben McKee and Daniel Wayne Sermon.
Daniel Wayne Sermon sings the lead and back-up vocals, plays the rhythm guitar, bass drum,
floor toms, acoustic guitar and the mandolin.

Daniel Wayne Sermon
Previous Members
-Andrew Tolman
-Brittany Tolman
-Theresa Flaminio
-Dave Lemke
-Andrew Beck
-Aurora Florence
Prezi Created By: Liam Solomon
Imagine Dragons was first created in 2008 when Dan Reynolds met Andrew Tolman at Brigham Young University where they were both students.
Andrew Tolman then brought in longtime high school friend Daniel Wayne Sermon. Daniel later recruited Ben McKee to complete the band.
They played their first songs in their hometown Provo, Utah before the band moved to Las Vegas where they recorded their first three songs.
In total, the band Imagine Dragons has won 20 awards and were nominated for 69 awards.

They have won two American Music Awards,five Billboard Music Awards,two BMI Music Awards,one European Festival Award,and one Grammy Award.
Discography (Part One)
Imagine Dragons has only one album due to the young age of the band. However, this album is very popular. The album is called Night Visions. Night Visions was introduced to North America in 2012 and it has 11 songs. Night Visions was nominated for Billboard's Top Rock Album in 2014 and won the award. The Song "Radioactive" won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance.
The band Imagine Dragons dosn't have any controversy because they are a newer band and were released to the public in 2012. Not all music critics think the band Imagine Dragons are great. However, the one album they have released quickly caught the attention of indie pop fans. The support of these fans helped to raise awareness of the band and quickly push them up the billboard charts. Seeing the popularity of the band has forced critics to rethink their view.
Discography (Part Two)
Songs from the album Night Visions
-Radioactive (2012)
-Tiptoe (2012)
-It's Time (2012)
-Demons (2012)
-On Top Of The World (2012)
-Amsterdam (2012)
-Hear Me (2012)
-Every Night (2012)
-Bleeding Out (2012)
-Underdog (2012)
-Nothing Left To Say (2012)
Why Imagine Dragons?
I picked Imagine Dragons because they are one of the best Indie Rock Bands of all time and because they are my favourite band. Another reason why I choose Imagine Dragons is because thay have some amazing songs that are worldwide hits. Their unique blend of string and percussion instruments is one of the reasons why I think that so many people like them. This is why I think Imagine Dragons are cool.

10 Facts About Imagine Dragons
(Part One)
10 Facts About Imagine Dragons
(Part Two)
3) Wayne is an insomniac. While everyone sleeps, he writes songs usually between 3 and 6 a.m.
1) "Imagine Dragons" is an anagram made up of different words. Only the band members know what it means.
4) Daniel Plazman was once in a short film called "Eagles are turning people into horses".
2) Imagine Dragons used to play four nights a week at O'Shea's on the Vegas Strip.
5) Daniel Reynolds is the second youngest out of nine children.
6) Daniel Reynolds is married to Aja Volkman, who is the lead singer in the band "Nico Vega".
7) Daniel Reynolds has struggled for most his life with depression, ADD and anxiety issues. Even with these problems he has became an idol to many people.
8) Amazon called Imagine Dragons "Favorite Rock Artist Of 2012".
9) Billboard called Imagine Dragons "The Breakout Band Of 2013".
10) The song "Demons" has sold more than one million copies in the United States.
In conclusion, with this information that I have showed you this is why i like the band Imagine Dragons and why i chose this band. I hope that you have enjoied this prezi and you have a good day.
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