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How To Read Literature Like a Professor

No description

Danielle Holmes

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of How To Read Literature Like a Professor

By Danielle Holmes and Joy Yoo
How To Read Literature
Like a Professor

Clips from "Tangled" and "Mulan"
Is That a Symbol?
A symbol is something used for
or regarded as representing something else.
But a symbol doesn't necessarily mean one thing in particular.
If it can be reduced to stand for only
one thing, then it's not symbolism,
Allegory stands for ONE thing
while symbol can stand for different things.
Everyone has different background and
living environment which makes people to
interpret the symbol in many different ways.
Many people expect symbols to
mean one particular thing.
Yes, symbols can be straight-forward and mean one particular thing
like a white flag.
Why is symbol
Symbol provides more information than what is written about the object as its description.
Using symbols to explain something very big will tell us everything through one object or event.
Types of
"Many readers expect symbols to be
objects and images rather than
events or actions." (Foster 104)
Actions, as well as objects
can be symbolic.
Symbolism can be represented by certain objects in literature.
Examples: Lord of the Flies
The Scarlet Letter
Events or Actions
Symbolism can also be represented
by certain events or actions that happenin literature.
Examples: Mulan
By trying to figure out what an event or
object represents, "our creativity, our inventiveness, encounters that of the
writer, and in that meeting we puzzle out what she means what we understand her
to mean, what uses we can put her
writing to." (Foster 107)
Tic Tac Toe
Try to answer these questions!
8. What's it called when
a thing can stand for
ONE particular thing?
3.What is the difference
between symbolism
and allegory?
5. Can symbols have
multiple meanings?
2.What are the two
types of symbolism?
6. Why do people interpret
symbol in different ways?
7. What are some importance of
using symbolism?
9. Did you learn a lot
about symbolism in literature?
Events or Actions
Symbolism can stand for multiple things while allegory stands for only one thing.
4. Can symbols be straight-forward?
Give an example.
Darkness: evil
Light: goodness, truth
People can interpret symbol in many different ways.
Because people have different backgrounds and living environment that shaped their minds.
It's easier to present bigger ideas through symbolism. It can develop our creativeness.
1. What is symbolism?
A symbol is something used
for or regarded as
representing something else.
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