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Kat Von D: Social Media Campaign

No description

Mary Eunice Quinit

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Kat Von D: Social Media Campaign

Kat Von D: Social Media Campaign
Target Market
: 18-25
Marital Status
: Single
Education and Work
: current college students or recent graduates
starting out their careers
: edgy, embrace the grunge, punk style and enjoy expressing themselves through fashion and beauty
: Top Shop, Hot Topic, Nasty Gal, and of course Sephora
Not afraid to experiment with different looks

Social Media Platforms
Beauty by Kat Von D
Blog Host
: Wordpress
Create an emotional connection w/ consumers
Updates: personal, beauty, tattoo related
Blog Posting Schedule
: Every Monday and Friday
Return of Investment
: Bring in traffic to our Sephora website and also retain new and old consumers via the blog
12 Month Calendar

1.35 billion
monthly active Facebook users.
864 million
people log onto Facebook daily,
From the ages
25 to 34
, at

of users is the most common age demographic.
-Reach out to older demographics outside of Kat Von D’s primary market.
-Write about current events and relate it to Kat Von D.

million monthly active users

photos are shared
1.6 billion
likes are made per day.
37 %
of the
age group
-Reach our target market.
-A way to connect with our customer, rather than just advertise our beauty products.
-Gives the audience inspiration that reflects the brand attributes through photos.
-Help attract new and old followers.

40 million
active users.
80 %
of Pinterest users are female.
92 %
of Pinterest pins are done by women.
The average orders placed by
shoppers are



-Pinning or re-pinning drives traffic to our other social media outlets as well as our website
- It enables us to appeal to potential customers who have never made a purchase or are not familiar with Kat Von D’s beauty line.
Target Market:
Gaining our Target Market
Acquire Kat Von D's tattoo following and Sephora's following to her beauty line
Online advertisement and television features/product placement
Target Market:
Attracting & Retaining Target Market
Mention Kat Von D's beauty line on all Sephora and High Voltage Tattoo's social media platforms
Unique brand image/personality, product formulation, and packaging design
Offer coupon codes through our social media platforms
Host giveaways and contests to refresh their interest in the brand
By: Mary Eunice Quinit, Patricia Uchi, MaryLou Mercado, Saori Namiki, Mele Lavaka, Shielly Yunita

Blog and Facebook Contest: Fall Fashion Contest
Flier will be posted on Facebook
How to enter
Visit the blog
Click the link on related blog post
Redirected to a survey
Qs about them: this will be for our own use to know our consumers
Return of Investment
: Bring traffic to our social media platforms, blog, and traffic to Kat Von D's Sephora page
Instagram Personal: 2.4 Million followers
Facebook Personal: over 10 Million likes
Facebook Makeup: 382 likes… (ouch!)
Current: Selfies, tattoos, and her hairless pet cat
Goal: create more brand awareness & promotion
Only exclusively available at Sephora

Post greeting card photos that relate to St. Patrick’s Day.
Feature some of our followers’ makeup looks green themed or inspired by St. Patrick’s day by

Feature some of our products that are green
Post two green make-up tutorial videos
dark mossy green eyeshadows, green lipstick, green nails, and green hair dye or hair chalk.
ask our followers to send us pictures Kat Von D inspired makeup looks that they recreated.
Create a board specifically for St. Patrick’s Day
Green make-up, nails, hair, and outfit pictures
‘DIY’ home decorations
Post photos Black Easter theme
a black and white color theme with easter eggs.
The “tattooed eggs” are designed by Kat Von D herself.
Post photos
Easter, bunnies, eggs, and cross every other day.
Regram followers black Easter makeup look
Create a board
Easter eggs
-monotone color -tattoo-like paintings.
Pin black Easter theme photos to inspire audience and give “mature Easter” image
-nail art, tattoos, home decor
Post two Black Easter theme makeup tutorials
pastel color lipsticks + dark smoky eye
Pastel color eyeshadow + black lipstick.
Ask audience to post their black Easter makeup photos.

Post your complete baddest vampire look on our page
Use #TheOriginalsKatVonD
Enter for a chance to win a 3 day paid vacation to New Orleans to visit The Original’s set
Like our promotion’s page
Post your complete baddest vampire look on our page
Enter for a chance to win a 3 day paid vacation to New Orleans to visit The Original’s set
Valentine's Day
Post your most romantically creative product shot of Kat Von D’s Valentine’s Day collection
Use #KatVonDValentinesDay
Winner will be chosen by Kat Von D herself
Enter for a chance to win free Valentine’s Day giveaways
Like our promotion page
Post your most romantically creative product shot of Kat Von D’s Valentine’s Day collection
Winner will be chosen by Kat Von D herself
Enter for a chance to win free Valentine’s Day giveaways
Create a mood board of elements that would make a great product shot of Kat Von D’s Valentine’s Day collection
Looking for original content, uniqueness and creativity
Winner will be chosen by Kat Von D herself
Enter for a chance to win free Valentine’s Day giveaways
Creating a board that relates to promotion and the palette
Offering our followers a perspective of how we were inspired when creating the palette
Spreading the word about the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette
Post an Instagram video showcasing the product as a teaser
Will run once every other week
Mention blog
Captioning the post that they will be able to see sneak peaks of the product, on the blog, before it launches
Promoting the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette
Flier with details
We want to build the anticipation and excitement of the product as well as get our followers talking and spreading the word.
Mention blog
Dedicate a board to the launch
Feature swatches of the shadows, the look of the palette, and inspiration photos that followers can recreate if they purchase the palette
Launching the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette
Replaying the teaser video
Post a flier as an announcement
We will mention that there will be a direct link in her bio
Also mention the blog for more information
Followers will be able to hashtag if they purchased the palette or created any looks with the palette
Launch of our Monarch Palette with the same image
Hosting a contest for a chance to win a palette
How to enter
Comment on the photo and type “enter me for
More details on our blog
Fall Fashion
Repost looks that we find from our followers that fits the hashtag & Kat Von D's style
Brand awareness on Kat Von D’s Instagram page
Post a picture of the Kat Von D weekly, with her style of fall fashion
All posts will have links to Instagram and Pinterest as well for those who uses all platforms
Create a board featuring their ideal fall looks including their outfit, hair and makeup
Edgy outfits and makeup looks
Fall Fashion
Must like the post, repost it on their personal page, hashtag #KatVonDFallContest, tag @KatVonD & 10 friends
Winners will be announced with a personal shout-out from Kat Von D with a beauty box of $100 worth of Kat Von D's products
Links to Instagram for #KatVonDFallContest
Facebook users, fans and subscribers will know what is going on and join
We will be asking our followers to create a board featuring their winter looks including their outfit, hair, makeup, and holiday traditions
inspire followers to create a mood board of the ideal Kat Von D winter look
Let our Facebook followers know about our special Instagram trend
Link them to our Instagram and show winning participants of the week
Throughout December we will post up flyers that say, “How do you get ready with Kat Von D?”
Encourage our followers to use their Kat Von D products (especially their new products they bought from Black Friday) and share their videos or picture post with us by hashtagging #GetReadyKVD
Two participants will be mentioned and featured every other week on Kat Von D’s Instagram page for the month of December
Announce upcoming Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale exclusively sold at Sephora throughout November
Share 15 secs of footage on Instagram that introduces The Studded Lipstick Collection throughout November
Post flyers and videos on Instagram at least 2-3 times a week
Exclusive "how-to" video posts on Facebook
Sneak peeks of limited time only collections, holiday collections, and newest addition to her line, 30 shades of The Studded Kiss Lipsticks
In honor of the special sales promotion, consumers can post their Black Friday hauls on Instagram with the hashtag #katvondBFhaul Those who participate will be randomly chosen to be featured on Kat Von D’s Instagram
For November followers can create mood boards that they think fits Kat Von D’s style at this time of the year
They would post at least five pictures a week This can range from outfit looks, makeup inspiration, scenery, and more
Create the perfect mood board for the baddest vampire look
Use #TheOriginalsKatVonD
Include: makeup, hair, nails and other accessories for the complete look
Enter for a chance to win a 3 day paid vacation to New Orleans to visit The Original’s set
4th of July
4th of July themed Pinterest board
Will consist of pins like Kat Von D's favorite 4th of July drink or makeup products
Will feature her poolside essentials
All makeup pins will have direct links which will allow customers to purchase product
Ask our followers to post their best 4th of July looks
Hashtag #KatVonD4thofJuly
Will choose some of our favorite looks to feature on our Instagram page throughout 4th of July weekend
Will also announce free shipping on online orders with a link to our Facebook page to access the code
Free shipping on all orders over $40
Must "like" our Facebook page in order to get the coupon code
Will post some of our favorite Kat Von D products to use during the 4th of July
Ask fans to comment with some of their favorite products as well
Encourage our followers to post darker edgier looks featuring lots of accessories and dark vampy lips
our followers will have to create a Pinterest board titled "My Dream Halloween Costume"
must pin everything from the outfit to the shoes, and the hair and makeup
The more they pin and the more creative the pins, the better
winner will receive one lipstick and one eyeshadow palette
Will ask followers to post their best, most creative Halloween looks
Hashtag #KatVonDHalloweenContest
Winner will receive two lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette signed by Kat Von D
Instagram winner will have the biggest prize to encourage people to enter
Must first "like" our Facebook page
We will have a post asking fans which Kat Von D product reminds them the most of Halloween
Fans must like the post and post their answers in the comments
Winner will be chosen at random and will receive one eyeshadow palette
We will be holding contests all all three of our social media channels for Halloween and there will be a winner on each one. Followers can enter all three but can only win one.
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