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Objects in the Universe Unit

Crystal Dyer

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Gravity

Gravitional force:
can be strong or weak

rotation of a planet can
change gravity
...and its impact on our solar system
Gravity exerts a powerful force on all of us, relentlessly pulling us toward Earth's surface. Everything we do -- getting up, standing, running, eating breakfast -- requires effort, and much of the energy we expend goes toward our struggle against gravity. Every moment, we fight against our own weight and against the weight of objects with which we interact.
Gravity is the attraction /force between 2 objects.
Gravity impacts our Solar System

Gravity keeps planets, moons,
and orbits round
The Sun's gravity is by far the most powerful
force in the solar system!

Sun's gravity is
strong enough to hold all of the planets in orbit.
Ever wonder why everything in space is round?
Why is this?
Explain which person is struggling more against gravity.
In the second pair of pictures, describe what is happening to each person's hair.
The third pair of pictures, could you hang your laundry on a line in the space station? Why?
What do you think it feels like when astronauts are strapped in their seats zooming back to Earth?
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