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Coat of Arms

No description

Icis Martin

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Coat of Arms

Colors The colors in a coat of arms are very important. All of them mean something diffrent. The color gold means generosity and elevation of the mind. Silver or white means peace and sincerity. Red means warrior or military strength and blue means truth and loyalty. Green means hope, joy, and loyalty in love. Black stands for grief and purple for justice. Orange means worthy ambition and maroon means patient in battle but still victorious. They are all very important because the colors stand for the person's personality. Coat of Arms- a symbol of a family's identity and values. In the begining, a Coat of Arms was used for knights in battle. Each knight chose symbols to represent their family. These coats of arms are passed down from generation to generation. A coat of arms stands for a family's values such as :Red means warrior or gold means generosity. A bee means effeciant industry and a dagger means justice. These show what a family believes in and you can tell what type of people they are by their coat of arms. Coat of Arms Symbols and Meanings Owl-one who is vigilant and of acute wit
Peacock-beauty and pride of carriage
Swan-A lover of poetry and harmony
Unicorn-Extreme courage
Heart-Charity, sincerity
Human Head-Honor
Crown-Royal or seigniorial authority
Swallow-One who is prompt and ready in the dispatch of his business What it is and what it stands for! Example of a Coat of Arms Some Countries Coats of Arms Emblems: Representations of our School The first symbol that represents our school is cross, meaning protection. The adults here protect us from harm. The next one is ram. It means authority. The teachers have our respect and rule us. Cock (chicken) means courage. The students have the courage to try their best. The fourth one is hedgehog, meaning provision. The teachers provide us with education. The last one is snake. It means wisdom. One day, we will obtain the greatest wisdom!!
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