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Themes of lastling

No description

arfa kashif

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Themes of lastling

Thank you!
Tahr lost shengo.his master who was like a father to him.yet he managed to move on without shengo.learning to grasp to reality.
tahr lost his family at a very young age.even before he could talk and yet he lived without a mother going over the pain.
paris lost her uncle.the one he idolized the most.and she lost him to madness.and then as if knives of open wounds,she lost him to death.
geng sun lost her mother and yet moved on without her.
even the mastiff lost its master shikari who was hanged.
darwa was shown to be very strong inspite of the fact that he had lost his family at a very young age.
paris was always shown to be brave with her strong built.she showed herself to be very hard core but the change of events proved just how vulnerable she actually was.as soon as she got caught.
the campers were fearful to the fact that after they have captured the yeti ,its family will come to rescue it.they feared of being attacked .this fear caused them to double the security around.
paris was scared of trusting the yeti at first and would keep a distance with her.
tahr and paris were afraid of heights.
shikari showed himself to be very brave but as soon as the rebels caught him,his walls brone down and he spilled out all the information.

the novel begins as paris is going on a adventure with her uncle Franklin.on the other hand shengo receives some message that the mountain spirits are in danger.so shengo and tahr start their journey.in the middle of the jorney because of the mistake of tahr shengo dies and tahr who is a young boy has to survive by himself.then tahr meets paris who is a member of the ultimate diner's club who hunt the anima,ls who are near to extinction .tahr tells paris about the yeti and the ultimate diners club capture the yeti.after that tahr and yeti escape the camp.then paris and tahr along with the yeti geng sun go in to the fortress of ice where they see that geng sun's mother has died.
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