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AP Lit/Comp

Morgan Smith

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of LOVE

Morgan Smith
Mr. Friedman
AP Literature and Composition
27 May 2015

"'Honey, de white man is de ruler of everything as fur as Ah been able tuh find out... de white man throw down de load and tell de nigger man tuh pick it up. He pick it up because he have to, but he don't tote it. He hand it to his womenfolks. De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see.'" -Nanny (Hurston 14)

Nanny says woman are hopelessly oppressed and the only thing to save Janie is a wealthy man
Janie reluctantly enters into a loveless marriage, living life as a "mule" with logan Killicks
Joe does not respect Janie as an individual and treats her like a pawn in his game for social status
After Joe's death, Janie tells Pheoby "'Ah jus' loves dis freedom.'" (Hurston 93)
"'Nobody else on earth kin hold uh candle tuh you, baby. You got de keys to de kingdom.'"-Tea Cake (Hurston 109)
"[T]he very next morning Janie got ready to pick beans along with Tea Cake." (Hurston 133)
"Sometimes Janie would think of the old days in the big white house and the store and laugh to herself... Only here, she could listen and laugh and even talk some herself if she wanted to. She got so she could tell big stories herself." (Hurston 134)
Tea Cake is Janie's equal and compliments her free spirit
Tea Cake's Love awards Janie enough self worth to defend her life against hiM
Logan Killicks
Joe Starks
Tea Cake
Saving her own Life
Decision to leave Logan
"'Do you see a man sitting here?... Do you see a modicum of intelligence?... A cornered animal to strike quickly out of fear, a trait inherited from his ancestors in the deepest jungle of blackest Africa... This skull here holds no plans... What you see here is a thing that acts on command... He does not even know the size of his clothes or his shoes... Why, I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this.'" -Defense Attorney (Gaines 7-8)
The white attorney appeals to the jury by making Jefferson less than human... a "hog"
Jefferson does not believe he is worth saving and condemns himself to death
There is no right way "To Save a Life," you can only do your best to inspire hope
Grant's love for jefferson makes him feel like a human with a right to simple pleasures
"'Last Friday... was the first time, the very first time, that Jefferson looked at me without hate, without accusing me of putting him in that cell. Last Friday was the first time he ever asked me a question or answered me without accusing me of his condition... He needs that radio, and he wants it. He wants something for his own before he dies. He wants a gallon of ice cream for his last supper... And all I'm trying to do is make it as comfortable as I can for him.'" -Grant (Gaines 182)
"'The last thing they [white people] ever want is to see a black man stand, and think, and show that common humanity that is in us all... As long as none of us stand, they're safe... I don't want them to feel safe with you anymore... You have the chance of being better than anyone who has ever lived on that plantation or come from this little town.'" -Grant Gaines 192-193)
"Jefferson and I were communicating, and he and his nannan were also talking... [H]e and I had gone back to the table, and... we had eaten the gumbo though it was cold, and... his nannan was so proud." (Gaines 195)
Jefferson's Diary...
"good by mr wigin tell them im strong tell them im a man good by mr wigin" (Gaines 234)
Jefferson realizes the purpose of standing as a man before death

"He ]Ikemefuna] could hardly imagine that Okonkwo was not his real father... As the man who had cleared his throat drew up and raised his machete, Okonkwo looked away... He heard Ikemefuna cry 'My father, they have killed me!...' Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down. He was afraid of being thought weak." (Achebe 61)
Though Okonkwo grew fond of the boy, his pride compels him to kill Ikemefuna
Okonkwo cannot Love because of his obessesion with his father's failure
"When the thought of his father's weakness and failure troubled him he expelled it by thinking of his own strength and success." (Achebe 66)
Okonkwo is so hard on Nwoye that he disowns his father
Obierika asks Nwoye "'How is your father?'" and Nwoye responds "'I don't know. He is not my father.'" (Achebe 144)
Oknokwo tries to change nwoye instead of loving him, causing their relationship to dissolve
"In a flash Okonkwo drew his machete. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow. It was useless. Okonkwo's machete descended twice and the man's head lay beside his uniformed body." (Achebe 204)
"[H]e thought about the treatment he had received in the white man's court, and he swore vengeance. If Umuofia decided on war, all would be well. But if they chose to be cowards he would go out and avenge himself." (Achebe 199)
Okonkwo takes his own life rather than showing tolerance toward his clan's changing beliefs
Okonkwo's inability to love is his downfall, he never reaches self-actualization because of his cowardice
"'Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift/ As meditation or the thoughts of love/ May sweep to my revenge.'" -Hamlet (Shakespeare 24)
Hamlet thinks his purpose is revenge
"'I'll wipe away all...records/ That youth and observation copied there;/ And thy commandment all alone shall live/ Within the book and volume of my brain.'" -Hamlet (Shakespeare 26)
His journey begins with hate and vengeance, which consume him
lol that
was polonius
notice this foot check
Ham. [Drawing] "How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead." [Makes a pass through the arras.]
Pol. [Behind] "O, I am slain!" [Falls and dies.]
(Shakespeare 72)
Hamlet, in his wild, vengeance-driven rage, destroys any chance of love, peace, & happiness
Very bad Form...
Hamlet's Journey ends in death without him ever reaching true self-Actualization
omg Gertrude
you should
have skipped
seconds on the
Claudius, you are
me right now...
This was not
in my
job description!
Don't touch the butt
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