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What is an Intervening Phrase?

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Kelsey Kiesz

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of What is an Intervening Phrase?

Intervening Phrases
Understanding Intervening Phrases
Subject-Verb Agreement:

-Do these verbs and subjects correspond with each other?

What is an Intervening Phrase?
-A word or phrase between the subject and verb that does not effect their agreement to each other.
Answer 1:
-"...as well as..."
Answer 2:
-"In addition to..."
Answers: Pt 1

•He talks.
What are some examples?

•As well as


•Along with


•In addition to


Practice 2:
Intervening Phrases
Practice 2:
Intervening Phrases
-How do can you tell that the subject and verb meet an agreement?
•Singular subjects take singular verbs.

•Plural subjects take plural verbs.
•He talks

•They talk

This works because "talks" would be singular
•They talk.
This also works because talk is considered plural
-Identify the
intervening word(s).
1). His daughter, as well as his sons, want him to move homes.
2). In addition to making a campfire and pitching their tent, the family took a hike.
-Identify the
intervening word(s).
-Intervening phrases are sentences with words added that do not take away from the subject and verb agreement.
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