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How did the Spanish Affect Texas?

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Natalie Tieu

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of How did the Spanish Affect Texas?

How did the Spanish Affect Texas?
Many of our words are spanish based. Especially in the ranching industry. Words such as rodeo, bronco, and many more.
Ceremonies and Rituals
The Spanish have brought over their religious affairs and ideas. Because of this, we now celebrate certain religious holidays and rituals.
A ceremony that is popular in Texas that was spanish-influenced is a quinceanera, where a 15 year old girl celebrates becoming a woman.
In Texas we have a very special type of cuisine we like to call Tex-Mex. It's based on mexican food but with our own Anglo spin on it. Such examples of these foods are queso, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, salsa, fajitas, burritos and much more.
The Spanish Legacy
The spanish has affected Texas in many ways. It has influenced a lot of our culture. Examples of this are shown in the following slides.
How does Texas maintain their heritage while adapting to the larger Texas culture?
They stick to their culture/heritage by celebrating their holidays, rituals, ceremonies. They also avoid other culture's traditions and try not to do those themselves.
Spanish Flag
The end
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