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Nephrotic Syndrome- A Case Study

No description

iris mae alabado

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Nephrotic Syndrome- A Case Study

MT 31 Clinical Chemistry
Section CD
September 22, 2012 Friedrich von Muller - coined the term ‘Nephrosis’ (non-inflammatory kidney disease) in 1905
Nephrosis - used to describe the clinical picture of dropsy with proteinuria
1930’s to 1950’s - the term ‘Nephrotic Syndrome’ replaced Nephrosis History Risk factors Hepa B and C
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology Dinah Belle Abong and Lovely Joyce Terre Pathogenesis MCD FSGS MN MPGN NEPHROTIC
SYNDROME DM AMYLOIDOSIS SLE Diagnosis Urine Test Urinalysis Chemical Test Microscopic Exam Chemical Test Dipstick Urinalysis Michael L. Bishop. Clinical Chemistry:
Techniques, principle, correlations. 6th Ed. 24 hour and spot urine collection Blood Test Michael L. Bishop, Edward P. Fody, and Larry E. Schoeff. 2010.
Clinical Chemistry: Techniques, principle, correlations. 5th Ed. Other Diagnosis Renal biopsy
the pathologic subtype of the disease
to assess disease activity
to confirm the diagnosis of diseases
to reveal underlying cause and extent of the disease
Renal Ultrasonography
renal venous thrombosis (flank pain, hematuria, or acute renal failure, are present)
takes pictures of the body’s internal organs and soft tissues without using x rays
CT scan
noninvasive procedure that provides a useful image of the kidneys made from a series of tomograms or cross-sectional slices, which are then translated by a computer and displayed on a monitor Araujo, M.P., ... Trevisani, V.F.M. Vena cava thrombosis associated with
nephrotic syndrome in the puerperal gestational cycle.
Sao Paulo Med. J. 2001. 199(1). Treatment and Prevention Iris Mae Alabado Initial Treatment Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers
Valsartan ACE Inhibitor Enalapril Captopril Corticosteroids
prednisolone Diuretics
Spironolactone Ongoing Treatment
MT 31 Clinical Chemistry
Section CD
September 22, 2012
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