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Proposed Business Plan for United Polyresins Inc.

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Lance Alger

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Proposed Business Plan for United Polyresins Inc.

End of Presentation :D
Proposed Business Plan for United Polyresins Inc.
UNITED POLYRESINS, INC. has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing 100% recyclable materials of PE (Polyethylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethelyne) and PP (Polyprophylene) plastic film bags and sheets. , they were the first to pioneer and introduce the oxo-biodegradable plastic bags in the Philippines. They are one of the largest plastic bag manufacturers in our country and produces the widest range of plastic packaging products such as shopping bags for groceries and department stores, garbage bags, plastic products for advertising and promotional purposes, courier bags used for delivery of documents, plastic rolls and sheets for industrial use and many, many more.
• Election Banners
• MAP Film
• Courier Bag
• Special Handle Bag

Company Philisophy
UNITED POLYRESINS, INC. is a manufacturing firm composed of energetic people from different parts of our country committed to work and help in the manufacturing of reasonably high quality polybags and polyrolls for domestic and foreign consumption, we help to generate employment to boost the economy for the development and progress of a nation.
We believe, therefore, that our workers be provided not only with their economic and socio-cultural needs but also meaningful and comprehensive training and development so that they can meet the life challenges of the future with confidence. We instill that our key to success is TRUST in our fellow workers, competence in one's job and dedication to each one's work.
As a member of UNITED POLYRESINS, INC. family, we must always work as a team for "TEAMWORK" spells "SUCCESS".

Over the years they have improved our manufacturing processes and expanded our technical expertise to keep pace with the changing needs and demands of our customers.
• Handy Bag
• Shopping Bag
• Laundry Bag
• Frozen Food Bag
• Juice Bag
• Soft Drink Carrier

• Notion Bag
• Vest Bag
• Ice Bag
• Tasty Bag
• Tissue Bag
• Garbage Bag
• Counter Bag
• Disposable Hand Gloves
• Softloop Handle Bag

• Since they are a plastic company, they can also use their products in making tarpaulins, which can be outsourced to marking and advertising.
• The company can use their assets and venture to other line, which is relevant to their current business. In the line of courier may be one of their options since they have assets of both logistics and packaging capabilities.
• They can also focus on producing plastic-based products such as Tupperware and other reusable plastic products. This can maintain their sales at the same time support the environmental campaign by different sectors of our community.
United Polyresins Inc. produces plastic products like plastic bags, sando bags and many plastic-based produts. One of the threats the company facing today is the challenge of how to cope up with the campaign of use of paper bags in groceries and markets. There a lot of sectors on our community promote the use of paper bags in the market. This campaign will greatly affect their sales because plastic is now being prohibited in the market.
Proposed Actions/Alternatives
• The company can expand their production on the products that has so substitute. Like trash bags. Trash bags cannot be substituted with paper bags because there are some waste products that will pass through papers.
Company’s competitors:
• Plastic Consumer Corporation
• Plasticell Packaging Corporation
• Pack-Rite Manufacturing Inc.
• DynapakPhils Inc.
Company’s current supplier:

JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation

JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation (JGSPC) is the pre-eminent world-class manufacturer and supplier of polyolefin products in the Philippines. It started commercial operations in 1998, and is the first and only integrated Polyethylene and Polypropylene resin manufacturer in the country, producing the Evalene brand of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Polypropylene (PP).
Inventory method in use:

United Polyresins, Inc. uses perpetual inventory method. The perpetual method tracks all traffic using a scanning system on a daily basis. At the end of the day, the manager has exact figures of the incoming and outgoing traffic, so he knows what is available in the inventory at any given time. They also use FIFO method for controlling active inventory. The reason for that is the quality of their products degrades overtime. Keeping inventory for too long will only ruin the quality of their product. They make production workers work overtime in case of big orders. They do not maintain a stock of finished products but they maintain a safety stock of raw materials. They have a lead time of 1 week.

Size of company’s workforce
Strategic Business Plan

United Polyresins Inc. offers their customer“High quality, Low Cost” products to their customers. They sell products that will surely meet the needs of their customers which at the same time will not incur them high costs. They have suppliers who supply raw materials in a low cost but they still maintain the quality of the materials. They also focus on satisfying their customers by attending to the after-sales needs of the customers. They provide the best customer service to their customers in order for them to keep on patronizing their products.

• The said company can also offer their products to other businesses such as beverage producing companies. In line with this, they can also develop new products that are suitable to their clients.
• The company can also produce plastic products which are used in hospitals like bags for dextrose, and other liquid medical requirements. These products involve high sanitation, thus, paper-based products cannot be used.
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