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Usher Syndrome Kaitlyn Brannon Kaitlyn Brannon

No description

kaitlynb brannon

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Usher Syndrome Kaitlyn Brannon Kaitlyn Brannon

Double click anywhere & add an idea Usher Syndrome 1. Why me? How did this happen
ressessive gene 2.Am I alone? No, i am not alone. About 3-6 % of all deaf children have Usher Syndrome. 3. What medical problems will I have? I will be completely deaf. My vision will slowly go away as I get older. The lost of vision starts on the side of the eye and then it spreads making your vision hard to see. 4.Can I live my life
to the fullest? Yes, I can live life
to the fullest. In my life I
will face major challanges.
One of my challenges is that I will not be able to drive.
5. Will my children have Usher syndrome as well?
It is a rare genetic disorder. My children probably will not inherit my disorder. My kids do however have a slight chance of inheriting it. 6. Is there any medical help for this diseese? No, there is know medical help
for my disorder currently.
However the doctors are looking
for a cure. there some type of theraphy for the Usher Syndrome.
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