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HL7 & HIMSS 2013

HL7 International Working Group Meeting & HIMSS 2013

Alain Larson

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of HL7 & HIMSS 2013

HL7 Overview of Standards
New Gadgets HL7 Working Group Meeting
HIMSS 2013 Conference
Alan Larson • April 4, 2013 Wednesday January 16, 2013 Morning Track Morning Track (cont.) Morning Track (cont.) Afternoon Track (cont.) HIMSS 2013 Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
Phoenix, Arizona Presented by Ken McCaslin
Director, Healthcare Standards Quest Diagnostics

Co-Chair Orders/Observations – HL7
Co-Chair LRI IG Work Group
Standards and Interoperability
Framework The Laboratory Results Interface Works in Consert with HL7
Defines Additional Message Constraints
"Plug and Play" Interfaces
Unique Identifiers called OIDs in MHS.21
Defines Test Order/Observation Linkage
Snap Shot Mode
Latest update October 10, 2012 Standards for Interoperability Conference Focus:
Meaningful Use Stage 2 and 3
Trip Purpose:
Visit InterSystems
Ensemble & Cache
Visit LIS Venders
Barcode Imagers / RFID Readers
Slide Label Printers
All-in-one Computers The Laboratory Results Interface
( LRI ) IHE – Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
Aims to provide standardized interfaces for data exchange between health care vendors based on the HL7 and DICOM.
Global intent, not US specific

HITSP – Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
Partnership between the public and private sectors to harmonize integrating standards that will meet clinical needs.
Too big a step for many laboratories

ELINCS – Lab Data Standard for Electronic Health Records
Interoperability and Connectivity Specification for standarding the formatting and coding of messages between laboratories and electronic health record (EHR) systems
US and California focus, too strict for most laboratories A number of laboratory results
laboratory results interface standards:
Need “best of all worlds”
Started in Feb 2011
Based on HL7 V2.5.1 - V2.7.1
Meaningful Use Stage 2 HL7 Laboratory Results Interface Adds Message Constraints and Result Segment LinkagesExamples of OIDs (Component Profiles)
12 = LRI_GU_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.12^ISO
13 = LRI_NG_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.13^ISO
14 = LRI_RU_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.14^ISO
Expressed in MSH.21 as a Repeating Data Type
MSH…|||||LRI_Common_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.16^ISO~LRI_NG_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.13^ISO~LRI_RN_Component^^2.16.840.1.113883.9.15^ISO|| ` DICOM Afternoon Track Standards for Interoperability Messaging Standards
HL7 V2 and V3
Clinical Document Standards
Terminology Standards
HL7 V2.x
Health Level 7
Three Characters Segment Identifier
Pipe and Hat Field Delineation
PID|||123456^^^SMH^PI||MOUSE^MICKEY|||M|||14 Disney Rd^Disneyland
HL7 V3.x
XML Based Encoding
Reference Information Model (RIM)
Act - Something that has or may happen
Entity - Any living or non-living thing
Role - Entity plays a role HL7 34,696 total attendees
1,158 exhibiting companies ` HL7 International Working Group Meeting
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
Binary Data Structure
Contains Image and Meta Data
Supports Multi Part Encoding
Used to Interface with PACS
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems CDA CDA - Release 2.0
Clinical Document Architecture,
Standard Markup for Clinical Document
Complete Document Exchange & Archive
XML Based Encoding
Persistence – Document Exist Unaltered
Stewardship – Maintained by Trusted Organization
Potential for Authentication - A Legal Assemblage
Context - Provides Context for Content.Wholeness - Contains the Entire Document
Human Readability – A Readable Clinical Document LOINC LOINC Codes
Standard Classification of Observables
Clinical Laboratory Tests - not Results
Clinical Observables - "Eye Color", not "Blue Eyes"
Consecutive Number + Check digit e.g. 12345-9
Short Convenient Name w/ Long Common Name
Completely Free - Easy to Add New Codes

Standard Classification of Observables and Result
Good for Observation Values Too
Codes Have Hierarchy
LOINC and SNOMED are Complementary
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