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Oregon's Answer to Climate Change

Residential solar

Robert Long

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Oregon's Answer to Climate Change

Oregon's Answer
to Climate Change

A Partnership between:
Climate Change is Real
And the world has come together to end it.
How to Qualify
Good Solar Access (limited shade)
Roof with 10 years of life remaining
PGE or Pacific Power Customer
Pay Taxes to the State of Oregon
650 Credit score or higher
Up to $6,000 in State Tax Credits paid over 4 years

Year 1 - $1,500
Year 2 - $1,500
Year 3 - $1,500
Year 4 - $1,500
Own vs PPA
Own vs PPA
A Panel Breaks You Us

Monitoring You Us

File Federal Tax You Us

What you are buying Equipment Power

Investment Payback 7-10 years 0

Upfront Cost $12-$20k $3,000

Program Specifics
We will go over this in person with specific numbers for you, but before you take a look at the numbers this is essentially it:

You are going to buy power.
If you buy some of that power from SunRun,
The State of Oregon will give you up to $6,000 in tax credits.
Program Overview:

Incentives Drop All the Time
The magic that makes this work is dropping fast as people sign up for this program.

Email a copy of your bill to
Refer A Friend
Send an intro email to me and cc: your neighbor/friend/co-worker/whomever with the subject: Refer A Friend
Next steps
What you have with your current utility is called a
Power Purchase Agreement or "PPA"
What's in it for Sunrun?
Business write -offs available only as a business
Federal Investment Tax Credit
What's in it for you?
Clean renewable power
Little Upfront Cost
Cheapest power possible
Increase in Property Value
Be part of the climate change solution
What's in it for
Revenue neutral tax credit
Offset growing demand
Changing our power source to clean renewables
Check with your tax professional
on how to use this credit.
IF they go solar with us, you get $350 Visa Card
They save thousands
1 Upfront Payment
20 years of maintenance and repair-free solar power upfront

Starting around $6,000 - then you get $6,000 in State Tax Credits back* = Net Cost is around 0
Pay Monthly
$3,000 up front (rebated over 2 years from the State)
Pay the same you are now for power or slightly lower on a monthly basis
Collect the FULL $6,000 State Tax Credit

You essentially get paid $3000 from the State to do something you are going to do any way!

Sunrun PPA Options
This Program
Eliminates Barriers
to Going Solar

High Upfront Cost
Equipment Maintenance
Concerns about Roof Leaks
Long Payback periods

Equipment Repairs
and Maintenance

Break Even Point
of savings covering equipments costs

Concerns of Roof Leaks
Not a Lease, so
No Liens on your home or holds on your credit.

this program eliminates:
this program eliminates:
7-14 years on avg
est. $2,000 and up

this program eliminates:
this program eliminates:
industry leading 10 year roof warranty
Just the 1 payment to Sunrun
*consult a tax professional
All WITHOUT a lease, lien on your
property or hold on your credit

Oregon really wants you
to go solar!

with the subject: Low Cost Solar
I'll look at your site on google maps
then call to schedule a meeting, if it looks good.
You are going to buy power.
If you buy some of that power from SunRun,
the State of Oregon will give you up to $6,000 in tax credits.
I'm afraid that The No Cost Solar program
ended May 9th, 2016 - after the deadline
for the PVS yearbook
We do have a number of 0 down options
available through local credit unions and
banks for purchasing though

Solar comes with up to 80% of the cost
covered through tax credits and typically
pay for themselves in 7-10 years depending on size
We would love to help you
go solar!
Email an electric bill
If you are interested in learning more:
email a recent PGE or Pacific Power electric bill to
Robert.Long@Sunrun.com and I'll take it from there.
-Robert Long
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