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History of Canadian Sports

No description

Saba Manafi

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of History of Canadian Sports

Canadian Sports through the Ages
indigenous cultural activities and exhibitions
local indigenous history and culture
traditional ceremonies that are utilized by the Host Territory are provided for NAIG participants
indigenous people are showcased to sell, demonstrate and promote their crafts and artwork.
indigenous people showcase knowledge and information pertaining to aboriginal youth programs.

Invented in medieval Scotland
Lacrosse or "The Creator's Game"
Modern Canadian sports originated from European immigrants and various aboriginal tribes. All of these sports have been adapted to snowy, Canadian conditions.
The history of these sports can be divided into five stages of development:
Early Sports before 1840
Initiation of National Sports Organisations; 1840-1880
Rise in amateur and professional sports; 1882-1914
Mid-century Sports Developments; 1914-1960
The History of Canadian Sports
North American Indigenous Games
By: Saba B.M. & Amriya S.
Tudor era c.1500's
Can be dated back to 1478, France
May have started as children's game
Modern Evolution in Sports
Games become more organized and have specific rules
Women achieve equality and fame in sports today
People become more involved in sporting events (spectator activities)
Better equipment allows for better performance and accuracy in games
Early Canadian games were played by the aboriginal peoples
To Wepi Cikan
Tossing the Ball
Sliding Game
Akraurak or Aqijut
Originated among the native Aboriginal tribes as a traditional sporting event
Played for training, recreational and religious reasons
Simple rules to playing Tewaarathon -be the first to catch the ball and carry
it to the goal
Canadian settlers viewing the native sport made significant changes
to the game and created their own version known as Lacrosse

Ice hockey appeared in the 1800s
Known as shinny and came from the French word "hoquet"
Adapted from similar stick and ball European games such as hurley and shinty
Officially recognized when James Creighton created a small group of hockey players in Montreal
Increase in popularity later made hockey the national sport of Canada
Curling in Canada
Scottish immigrants brought Curling to Canada & developed a firm establishment
Royal Montreal Curling Club est.1807
Since 1998; Winter Olympic Sport
CL: Centreline • HOL: Hogline • TL: Teeline • BL: Backline • HA: Hackline with Hacks • FGZ: Free Guard Zone
Dartmouth, N.S. 1897
Toronto, ON 1909
Cricket in Canada
Earliest date to 1785 Montreal
British settlers brought Cricket
Presently a minor game-- Why?
Cricket Canada, governing body est. 1892 Toronto
CIBC National Cricket League
World Indigenous Games
First held October 2015 in Palmas, Brazil
Traditional aboriginal sports events
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