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Golden Chicken Tea Co


Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Golden Chicken Tea Co

Welcome, Tara
Why are we here?
to make you more money!
Did you know...
The average number of liters of tea consumed per Kenorite each year is 66.4 liters.

Therefore Kenorites consumed over 1 million liters of tea last year!
How much did Golden Chicken Tea Co. sell?
Golden Chicken Tea Co. Did you know?
Commercial 1
Golden Chicken Tea Co.
Did you know?
Commercial 2
Elements of a great Campaign
Radio Includes:
1 x 30 x second Commercial @ $27 ea and 1 x 10 second Tags @ no charge Monday -Friday 8:30 am Ken's Records from Home sponsor – $2,322
Commercials Running in 4 plus markets: Kenora, Dryden, Vermillion Bay and Sioux Lookout.
Large Square on the KenoraOnline News Page that will be in rotation with up to 3 other customers
- $350 per month – total of $1,400
Free Premium Business listing (Value of $180)
Consistency- You need to be on all the time
Frequency- The most affective campaign consists of a minimum of 3 commercials/day & Online 24/7
Value- It's not all about the price
Commitment- Schedule,creative,customer experience. Triad of responsibility
On-line Includes:
Total Investment - $3,722
Total Value - $5,102
Can you see the opportunity?
Can you see the opportunity?
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