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Business Plan "Trillmatic"

No description

Joselinne Mora

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan "Trillmatic"

Business Plan "Trillmatic"
The current streetwear brands lack originality, are too broad or general, follow trends and are too readily available.
Target Market
16-32 year olds
Skate boarders, punks, hip-hop & rap music enthusiasts
Urban style and verge culture
Under a constant state of evolution, no strict rules
Built around casual, comfortable basics
Products & Services
Demand and Market Analysis
In 2012, the US apparel, accesories & luxury goods market had total revenues of $521.7 billion
From which $60 billion come from the streetwear segment
The performance of the market is forecasted to accelerate 5.2% for the five year period of 2012-2017
There is an untapped need in the Phoenix and Arizona area
Financial & Legal Entity Info
Our Solution
Trillmatic Premium Goods provides high-quality products in limited quantities to those who appreciate originality in streetwear and authenticity in hip-hop.

By using the words "Trill" and "illmatic" we plan to connect the southern rap scene with the east coast.
The Supreme and Diamond Supply Co. labels are our biggest competitors on a national level
On a local level there is Heated Sole Summit, Over Undr Clothing and Streetwear Kings.
Revenue Model
Currently bootstrapping with a burn rate of $4,000 a month
Merchandise available in our online store
Through local street wear stores such as Timeless Select, Swag, and King & Duck
Have online retailers such as Kazbah and Karmaloop distribute our product, for a monthly fee and sale commission
In the future, open our own flagship store
This measures will bring revenue in but also expand our customer base
T-shirts, Shoe laces, hats, and more
Exclusivity in design and quantity of products
Logo visibility (young demographic research)
In between fast fashion retailers and luxury brand premiums
Well-made products at a fair market price
Making the connection with rap & hip-hop music artists
Trillmatic is a sole proprietrship
Assuming unlimited liability
Only taxed once
Trademarked ($300-$1,000)
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