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Evidence which supports theory of evolution by natural selection

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bindi irwin

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Evidence which supports theory of evolution by natural selection

Evidence which Supports the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection Ruben Barylak Comparative anatomy Comparative Embryology Molecular Biology Focuses mostly on skeletons Similarities between skeletons of different species may serve as evidence to support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Skeletal similarities often indicate similar ancestors for different species and sometimes similar environmental influences Homologous Analogous Bodily structures that which are similar in different species due to common ancestors Similar body parts of different species due to similar environments Clown fish Whale Analogous structures support the process of natural selection: attributes that are suitable for certain environments will prevail Homologous structures support the process of natural selection as they show that geographical separation of similar species will lead to gradual adaptation and ‘selection’ of suitable attributes or structures to the given environments Comparison of different species through the progression of pre-natal development First studied by Ernest Von Baer The more closely related two species were, the more closely related their development was Von Baer found that at early embryo stages, different species were indistinguishable and would only later develop definite characteristics ??? ??? Sea Urchin Goat Homeobox Governs anatomical development Molecular biology is the study of the chemical workings of cells All organisms share similar molecular biology, which is to say that the basic organic chemicals are present in all forms of life. Variations of complex chemicals such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are present in all organisms Haemoglobin Leghemoglobin Haemocyanin All Vertebrate Red when oxygenated Transports oxygen Some plants use leghemoglobin Blue when oxygenated Transports oxygen Found in crabs, crustaceans and some insects and arachnids 98.5% Of DNA is shared between chimpanzees and humans Only 1.5% Of chimpanzee DNA is different from human DNA
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