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Health Care and Health Insurance

No description

Emma Voigt

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Health Care and Health Insurance

Syracuse University Health Services
Using SU Health Services
U.S. Health Care System
Private, not government
Individual responsibility
Finding care and payment
Insurance is essential
Health Insurance

International Visitors
HTH Worldwide Insurance
January 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014

Student alone: $745.50
Spouse: $1830.50
Child: $934.50
Children: $1869
General Medical Care Available
Medical Transport
Laboratory Services
Psychiatric Services
Crisis Help
Immediate Emergency Assistance
(life threatening emergencies)
On campus: 711
Off campus: 911

24 hr. counseling available while classes are in session

Confidential Counseling

Immediate threat to self or other: contact DPS immediately (315) 443-2224
Health Care and Health Insurance
January 11, 2014
Ben Domingo; Health Services
Patricia Burak, Mary Idzior;
Slutzker Center for International Services
Tom Palmer; Haylor, Freyer and Coon

What you should learn today. . .
Why you need medical insurance
How medical insurance works
How to evaluate medical insurance options
How to stay healthy
Important terms
How to use SU Health Services (SUHS)
Who to call or where to go if you need medical care when SUHS is closed
Basic Facts
Typical Costs:
Delivering a baby: $3,883-$8,522
MRI: $1200 +
CAT Scan: $700+
Prescription Drugs: $

Pre-existing conditions

Government does not cover medical costs

Planning for unexpected medical costs

Dangers of lower cost policies

Insurance Coverage
Accidental injuries
Illness/ sickness
Medically necessary procedures
Mental Health
Medical Evacuation
Co-pay, limited out of pocket $
111 Waverly Ave.
(315) 443-9005
Monday, Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Nurses available for urgent issues during business hours
Call to schedule an appointment (generally available within 2 business days)
, insurance card
15 minutes early to complete paperwork
Cancellations: notify or charged
Hospitals and Emergency Rooms
Proof of Health Insurance
Health Insurance Company name
Health Insurance Company contact info
Dates of coverage
Bills for Service
What is covered
Your responsibilities
Co-pay: $20-$50
New York State requirements

measles, mumps, rubella
meningococcal meningitis
7 Days a week

7 am - 10 pm

10 pm - 7 am: area hospitals and urgent care centers back to residences

Laboratory Services
Only for test orders made through SUHS

Results may be available the same day to SUHS
Tests sent to outside providers may take 2-10 days

Fees are not included in the SUHS fee in your tuition bill
Prescription: from SUHS or other health care providers
Over the counter medications, vitamins, dietary supplements
Online refills possible

Psychiatric Services
Referred through SUHS or clinical counseling center

30 - 60 minutes
review students medical and mental health concerns
treatment options discussed

Coordinated Care to address medical conditions that may be affecting your mental health
Counseling Center
Addresses issues including:
mental health
sexual and relationship violence
substance abuse
Call to schedule an appointment
intake 90 min
follow up 50 min
200 Walnut Pl.
(315) 443-4715

University Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Care Center
Crouse Hospital
Community General

Area Health Care Facilities
Prompt Care
Medical Center West
Family Practice Associates
North East Medical Family Physicians
Family medicine Medical Service
Medical Transport
Staying Well
Health and Wellness promotions
Support for healthier lives at SU and beyond
Promote and educate about healthy behaviors, lifestyles
Making well informed choices to cope with stress

Health and Wellness fee

Advocacy Center
Counseling Center
Health Services
Department of Recreation Services
Office of Student Assistance
Fitness Classes
Late Night at the Gym
Neighborhood Youth Recreation
Outdoor Education
Recreation at Drumlins
Sports Clubs
Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion
total lifestyle, maximize potential
Recreation Service Wellness Program is to promote wellness

Personal Training
Fitness Route Information

Facility orientations
Re-Create Yourself: Fitness Tracking Chart
Nutrition/ Dietitian
Confidential counseling to SU students
Clinical nutrition issues
Food Allergies
Eating Disorders
Weight management
Medical Insurance

Health and Wellness
Publication Resources
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