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Hamlet: Act II

No description

samantha bryant

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Hamlet: Act II

By Damon Easley and Samantha Bryant Hamlet Act II Scene 1 Claudius and Gertrude ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to figure out what's making Hamlet act so crazy
Voltemand's message: Old King Norway stopped his nephew, Fortinbra's war preparations to attack Denmark, gave him permission to attack Poland and asks the king's permission to pass through Norway Polonius tells the King and Queen that the cause of Hamlet's crazyness is his love for his daughter, shows them the love letters Hamlet sent her.
Polonius plans to prove that it is love by sending his daughter to speek with Hamlet while he and Claudius spy on them.
Polonius speaks with Hamlet, Hamlet mocks him cleverly and evades his questions and confuses Polonius. Scene II
Part 3 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern visit Hamlet, talk about philosophy for a bit, and Hamlet makes them admit that they were sent to spy on him.
Hamlet goes on a speech that they were sent because of how depressed he is and can't find anything that interests him anymore.
They tell Hamlet actors are on there way to entertain Hamlet and gossip about how kid actors are becoming more famous then adults. The Actors arrive, Polonius comes to tell Hamlet after he already knows, and Hamlet banters with him.
Hamlet welcomes the players, demands to here a speech, begins the speech about Aeneus telling of Priam's murder during the fall of Troy, lets an actor go on from where he stopped telling of Hecuba's grief, and begins to weep. Scene II
Part 4 Hamlet asks the actor if he can perform The Murder of Gonzago, he replies that he can, and Hamlet tells him to perform it tomorrow night with a few extra lines that he is to compose, and the actor leaves
Left alone, Hamlet begins to ponder his situation saying"How can this player be so filled with grief and rage over Priam and Hecuba, imaginary figures whom he doesn’t even know, while I, who have every reason to rage and grieve and seek bloody revenge, am weak, uncertain, and incapable of action?” and curses his self for not getting revenge already and curses the king
Then he announces his plan to make sure the ghost of his father was telling the truth of his murder by setting up the play just as the ghost said Claudius killed him and seeing if Claudius reacts guiltily Scene II
Part 5 Polonius sends Reynaldo to go to Paris and find out about his son, Laertes's behavior.
Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet came to her room and looked out of sorts.
Polonius believes Hamlet's craziness is due to his love for Ophelia so they head off to tell the king. Scene II Part 1 Scene II
Part 2 "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't" THE END
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