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Chang Makeup

No description

Megan Nguyen

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Chang Makeup

Per: 2&3
Why she is famous in my country?
Chang Makeup
Childhood info
By Megan Nguyen
Chang Makeup
How she became famous?
Why I choose this person?
She has attracted me by the charm of her personality. I choose her because I really love lipsticks.
Also she has inspired me to do what I love. Do not stop for anything.
She was born in July 31st, 1994 in Hanoi, Vietnam
She started putting makeup on since the age of 15.
She was in a dance group named St.319 with nickname Tracy
Long before, she has known as a member of St. 319. She just started post a video about beauty and lipstick swatch over a year ago, and she always update and grasp the makeup trends or new lipstick. After that she has attracted nearly 400k followers on Youtube and became famous.
She founded a cosmetics firm of her own in the middle of December 2016 with the name OFÉLIA
She went to US in 2012 and currently a junior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a full scholarship.
She left Vietnam and go to US in 2012. Then one day in February 2015, she decided to start a blog that is 100% in English for several reasons.
Her lipstick review videos are incredibly detailed and beautiful. In addition to her new lipstick update the trend line though is cheaper, mid-range or high-end, she will also make clips to make the best suggestions for her followers.
May 8, 2016
When the page is known for more than 500,000 and
followed like a post-range of 15,000 likes, a giant figure on par with the elder person has been active in Vpop as artists.
She represented became the most famous Vietnamese Youtuber specialized review of lipstick.
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