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Rhinos Niche In An Ecosystem

No description

Megan Skaggs

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Rhinos Niche In An Ecosystem

What is a Niche
A niche is a role or job an organism has in an ecosystem.For example a plant has the Niche to provide oxygen and food for Humans and animals.
A Rhino's Niche
Rhinos are an endangered animal, but they play an important role in their ecosystem
1.They crash through forests to make paths for other animals.
2.Their deposits enrich soil and help plants grow in healthy fertilizer
3.They create wallows which fill with water helping frogs and pond insects complete their life cycle.
Fun Facts
-Rhinos only predators are Humans
-Rhinos roll in mud so they don't get sunburned
-The habitat Niche is the physical space occupied by the organism.
Rhinos Niche In An Ecosystem
By:Megan Skaggs
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