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9.5 - Alternative Engery Sources: Solar Energy

Done By: Patricia Helmer, Victor Villanueva, and Matthew Kitenge

Patricia Helmer

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of 9.5 - Alternative Engery Sources: Solar Energy

Alternative Energy Sources:
Solar Energy By:
Patricia Helmer, Victor Villanueva, and Matthew Kitenge Vocabulary: passive solar heating: heating caused by the passage of radiant energy through the windows of a building

active solar energy system: a device that harnesses radiant energy from the sun and converts it into a more useful form of energy Buildings can use passive solar energy if there is a large window on the south-facing side. Passive solar energy happens when sunlight comes in from the window and the radiant energy gets absorbed by the floor and walls. It then gets turn into thermal energy and heats the room. This reduces the need for other sources of thermal energy. Active solar energy systems need either photovoltaic panels or a solar hot water system to trap the Sun's energy.
Solar hot water systems heat water running through through panels with the Sun's radiant energy.
Photovoltaic panels ("solar cells") turn radiant energy directly into electrical energy. There is a number of reasons why more people are becoming more interested in solar energy. Conventional energy prices are rising, people are wanting to conserving resources, and technology has made large-scale solar energy protects cheaper.
Also, solar energy is more healthy for the Earth than conventional energy because it's renewable, non-polluting, and there's lots of it! Homework Please do questions 1 and 3.
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