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jaisudha sajith

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of software

Two types
System software
Application software
Compress files to save
space and reduce transmission times.
Win with WinZip: the world's leading Windows zip utility for file compression, ...
WinZip saves time and space, making it easy to zip and unzip files for quick,
Zip Compression Software to easily create, manage and extract
zipped files and folders.
What is file compression utility data?

File compression utilities are programs designed to compress data, to save on storage space on hard disk drives and removable storage devices
System software
Operating sytem
Operating environment

Utilities are system software programs which provide a useful service by performing common task and house keeping routines.
Eg. Directory – to list file names, size and space remaining on disk.
Disk format – divides the disk into tracks and sectors.
Delete , rename, copy etc.(file maintenance) SORT organize data in sequence.
COPY : copy a file from hard disk to floppy disk.
Why Compress Files?
File compression is the process of removing unnecessary data from computer files. Computers compress files with software programs known as compressors, common examples of which include Winzip and Gzip.
The primary reason why computer users compress files is to make those files smaller; as removing excess data from files with a compressor allows files to take up less space during file storage as well as during file transfers.


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