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Copy of How to create a great prezi

Where prezi excels - Create using frames - Check your overview - Use a Path - Nonlinear discussions

lui vasquez

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of How to create a great prezi

Frames Frames are not just circles If it's good, you can intuitively get around without a path too Prelude There are many kinds of presentations Where prezi excels is create engaging visual to understand and discuss memorable preach mesmerize meetings church politicians discuss by juggernautco@flickr by alexdecarvalho I can only say 1 line Path One click saves you on stage Create a natural flow of information using frames helps to navigate (smart frames) Fill out Structure You know when on a whiteboard You have 10 things And you start to think... Maybe the last 3 here really belong together, yes, it's
iterative Add Pictures Option Foundation Progress Future Option Casual relations Casual relations Casual relations Casual relations Main topic details details Income Expense if you need to: focus! yes, it's
iterative too Press this button
Do squint test blah Order Order Order TITLE Order Order Order Order Order Structure and again... Overview
frame Part of the story Part of the story Part of the story Part of the story 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Show context a lot yes, it's iterative now use the mouse that is a frame in prezi There is structure
but it's not a story, there is no narrative About making the audience follow, believe.

Not about discussing and exploring sometimes it's enough at other times it's far from enough in reality most presentations end up on meetings where they are used to understand and discuss ideas. so i think we can use a tool, which helps in all scenarios... like on a whiteboard... or during a brainstorming... texts, to find, then express relations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iteration "Iteration means the act of repeating a process usually with the aim of approaching a desired goal or target or result" MEDIOS MASIVOS DE COMUNICACIÓN LA PRENSA Vendedores de peridicos en Rio de Janeiro en 1899. INTERNET Periódico Qué son los MMC ? Revistas Telefonos Radio Cine Señales alarmantes del cine Historia desarrollo en los aos 20 la reacción frente a la tv las peliculas más taquilleras: 1. Avatar: 2.730.947.321 US$ 2. Titanic: 1.843.201.268 US$ 3. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” US$ 4. Piratas del caribe el cofre de la muerte- US$ 5. Alice in Wonderland”. US$ Informar FUNCIÓN DE LOS MMC Educar Entretener Formar Opinión Persuadir Promover Otros MMC Libros Fotografías Cartas ... Los medios como mecanismos para la globalización Recordemos por globalización PROS CONTRAS Publicidad Medios de audio Conclusión La cámara más antigua del mundo , un daguerrotipo de madera fabricada por el conocido francés Susse Fréres, que data de 1839 (178 años de antigüedad) ha sido subastada a través de internet por la galería Westtlich, de Viena. Televisión Tipos de televisión Algunos tipos de televisores Un proceso vertiginoso Gráfico cronológico de los MMC Lenguaje Escritura Imprenta Fotografí Cinematografíca Teléfono/
Telégrafo Radio/ televisión Computadores Medios inalábricos portátiles 200.000 - 100.000 a.C 3500 a.C d.C 1500 d.C 1800 d.C 1900 d.C 2000 Luisa Fda. Cardona Santiago Caro Natalia Castaño Juan Sebastian López Luisa Vásquez
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