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The Lonely Little Cloud

No description

Elexia Clark

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of The Lonely Little Cloud

Once Upon a Time...
There was a lonely little cloud named Lenny. Lenny liked to float around and go on awesome cloud adventures.
One Day....
Lenny was floating around the sky looking down at the cool stuff below him when suddenly the Barometric pressure began to drop! He knew that he needed to be careful because this meant bad weather was coming.
It was coming...
The low pressure system of the century.
Lenny reached about 23,000 feet.
Lenny was scared...
He didnt want the people to go indoors again during
The barometric pressure started to change
As He looked down....
Lenny could see the people down below scurrying about and trying to get indoors. He knew that the people used a fancy device called a Doppler Radar to know when bad weather was coming.
Then Below him...
Things finally started to clear up. He watched as the dark scary clouds started to move away and out of sight below him. He decided that maybe it would be safe to go back down, and maybe he wouldn't be so lonely.
The Lonely Little Cloud
He saw the clouds start to roll in... First came the Cumulus and Stratus. When he saw them he decided to go up above them, to about 7,000 ft. He thought that he would be safe up above the clouds.
But soon more, even higher clouds started to come. These clouds were Altostratus and Altocumulus and they were very scary looking. He knew these clouds would bring heavy rain. He felt so bad for the people down below. By now they must be experiencing
heavy rain and thunderstorms. Still Lenny went
on to climb higher.
All that he could see was a clear sky and a few
wispy Cirrus clouds. But... it was a clear sky. All the other clouds and even the birds and the people were gone.
Lenny was Lonely...
again and the sky began to clear up more and
more and the weather became warmer during the day as the sun shined. Lenny loved watching the people outdoors while the weather was sunny.
Soon the wind started to pick up. The people went out doors and started flying some of the most amazing kites that Lenny had ever seen. He had so much fun watching the people out doors and watching the birds
soar through the sky.
As night approached the temperatures
dropped suddenly... They continued to go
down and then suddenly some
clouds began to come...
Lenny didn't want the clouds to come.
the day. As the night went on the clouds grew thicker...
and the temperatures continued to drop. Suddenly the
clouds began to preduce an amazingly soft and fluffy white substance that people called snow.
The next day people awoke to the earth covered in snow
Lenny was pleasently surprised to see that instead of hiding inside the buildings from the cold snow, they
bundled up and came outside to play in it!
They created beautiful snowmen and threw snowballs at one another.
Lenny Finally Realized...
Not all weather is bad!
Lenny sees that there are many different types of weather. All happen for one reason or another. For example rain and thunder can be good for plants and animals because they need the rain water. Snow is good for that reason as well and because people love to play in it! Sunny weather is good because people love to play in it and it is good for the planet. From now on Lenny plans to enjoy weather in all its forms and try not to be scared of things that our planet naturally does.
The End.
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