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The Theory

No description

Toolika Singh

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of The Theory

What Do you Notice?
Marketing the cow with the cow
How to create a purple Cow ?
New age marketing technology- Internet
The Theory
Purple Cow Marketing follows a simple idea - “Everything that can be invented has already been invented” which means everything that we do in the world of marketing has been overused and has been rendered almost useless.The world and its consumers
look for something out of the ordinary, not only in the product but also the way it is
Boring is invisible
Cows, after you've seen them for a while, are boring. They may be well-bred cows, cows lit by a beautiful light, but they are still boring. A Purple Cow, though, that would really stand out. The essence of the Purple Cow - the reason it would shine among a crowd of perfectly competent, even undeniably excellent cows -- is that it would be remarkable.
Pre and Post TV Age..
TV Industrial Age
Average Products

Advertise to anyone

Fear of Failure

Long Cycles

Small Changes
Post TV Age
Remarkable Products

Advertise to the early adopter

Fear of Fear

Short Cycles

Big Changes
The original VW Beetle was not as much of a counterculture car as everyone may remember. Its sales languished until some bright advertising saved it. On the basis of this great TV and print campaign, the car was profitable in the United States for more than fifteen years. The original Beetle is a poster child for the power of the TV-industrial complex. The new Beetle, on the other hand, was a success because of the way it looked and the way it felt to drive
Food for thought...
“Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed.”
-Seth Godin
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