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Global Online Learners Community

Website for global online learners to search free courses, online educational research/news and share their ideas.

Asim Ali

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Global Online Learners Community

Market Size 18/11/2012 Why use it? - NO MORE navigating different websites to access different courses

- NO MORE navigation to different websites for group forums

- NO MORE missing out on courses that you are interested in but did not know about

-And MUCH MORE Thank You for Your Attention Asim Ali – Team Lead (USA – Canada/France)
Nataliya Kratsman (Australia - Russia)
Rahel Cete (USA - Germany)
Selina Wang (USA – China/New Zealand)
Ratnaja Gogula (India) Team: Global Entrepreneurs 18/11/2012 Snapshot below shows draft home page of the website to search online courses. Action Plan – Search online course 18/11/2012 Based on the feedback received we prepare the deployment plan for the next year:

PHASE 1 (First 3 months)
Provide search functionality for free online courses from only top universities in US such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard.
Adding the following features:

PHASE 2 (4th month to 1 year)
Adding courses from all the universities in USA
Adding the following features:
Course organizer where a student can view all the courses attended by him/her including basic information with URLs instead of going into different websites to look for a course.
Attempt to link the website with top vendors of free online storage e.g,., Dropbox, Google storage, iCloud etc.
Attempt to link with top vendors for free doc sharing tools e.g., Omnihours, Prezi etc Action Plan - Phases 18/11/2012 - Most of the students are interested in having a website where they can search online courses offered by different universities
- Students prefer to take online courses free of charge.
- Use of communication tools such as Skype, Google - Docs, Prezi is very helpful during group assignments.
- Students would like to have online storage to share their work during group assignments
- Most of the students experienced missing deadlines due to confusion with time zones
- Students would like to have Meetup, Group Discussion, Calendar, etc. Survey Result 18/11/2012 Market Survey - Survey Monkey for online survey to understand current challenges of students taking online courses and their point of view on creating an online learners community website.
- Face to Face Interviews were also performed with colleagues and friends about their thoughts on online education and the need of providing services that will help the online community as a whole.
- The main purpose of this survey is to get an idea on some of the most important features needed by the community such as searching worldwide available online courses (both free & paid), online group discussions, meet-ups etc.
- Please use the link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NCK5ZR9 to see the survey questions. We shall be most grateful if you can spare some time to answer the questions. 18/11/2012 Global online learning community website having the following features:
- Worldwide online course search
- Sharing & group editing of documents
- Online education news and research updates
- Students online chat system
- Links to resources on learning tools and technologies
- Students group discussion forums The Goal of our Start-up 18/11/2012 Target Customers - Students who are already enrolled and/or will be enrolling in online courses being offered by different universities and institutions. In other words: people around the world with internet connection and desire to learn

- Universities, Institutions & online education platform providers (e.g., Coursera) around the world who are offering online educations. We can generate revenues by advertising their offerings as well as providing link based keyword search.

- In the first three months of our website launch we are expecting 1% of the global online students to join our website. 18/11/2012 Snapshot showing the courses displayed when user clicked on Stanford University Action Plan – Displaying courses
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