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Science Analogy - Cell to Hospital

No description

Sophia Preys

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Analogy - Cell to Hospital

By Sophia and Andrea Analogy - Plant Cell to Hospital A Plant Cell is like a hospital because... ... A Plant Cell has many parts and so does a hospital. The chloroplast is like the nurses and doctors
because... ... The chloroplast allows a cell to make it's
own food and nurses and doctors allow a
patient to get better or heal. The Golgi Bodies are like the stretchers
because... ... The Golgi bodies package the protein that the cell
sends out and stretchers are used to hold the patients
and send them out to another room. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the hospital carts because... The Mitochondria is like the electricity or light box because... ... The mitochondria
is the powerhouse and produces energy and power. The light box is for light, electricity power, and energy. ... The Endoplasmic Reticulum transports or delivers material to where it needs to go. Hospital carts deliver patients where they need to go. The ribosomes are like the check-up rooms because... ...The ribosomes make protein and they are smaller cells but they are still important. The check-up rooms in a hospital are smaller than other rooms, but they are still important and are still used to make patients better. The Nucleolus is like a
machine in the Emergency
Room because... ... The nucleolus is inside
the nucleus and produces ribosomes just like the machine
is in the Emergency Room and help patients who are in serious conditions. ...The nucleus is the control center of the cell and the Emergency Room is the most important room in the hospital. The nucleus is like the Emergency Room because... The Nuclear Envelope is like the security in the hospital and around the Emergency Room because... ...The Nuclear Envelope guards the nucleus just like the security guards the whole hospital including the Emergency Room. The Cell Membrane like the inside walls of the hospital because... ... The cell membrane encloses the cell and controls the movement of materials in and out of the cell. It also offers protection and shapes the cell. The inside walls of the hospital offer protection too. They shape the cell and control the movement in and out of the hospital like people coming in and out of the doors. The cell wall is like the outside walls of the hospital because... ... The cell wall surrounds the cell membrane. The outside walls of a hospital surround the inside walls of the hospital. The cytoplasm is like the hallways in the hospital because... ... The cytoplasm contains the organelles and the cell is mostly made up of it. The hallways contain all the different rooms. Most of the hospital is made up of the hallways. The vacuole is like the storage room in the hospital because... ... The vacuoles are liquid-filled organelles that serve as storage bins. They store the food, water and waste. The storage rooms in the hospital store all sorts of things that could be used to help patients. Thank You for watching!
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