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"The White Umbrella" by Gish Jen

No description

Kyndall Blake

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of "The White Umbrella" by Gish Jen

Symbol: a person, place, or thing that represents something beyond its literal meaning.
pg. 417, 1st paragraph: Why does the narrator's parents feel sorry for the Lee family?
pg. 420: How well does our narrator play the piano?
"The White Umbrella" by Gish Jen
Born in 1956
Daughter of Chinese immigrants
Grew up in New York
Symbolism: the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities
pg. 418: What happens in the weather on the way to the girls' piano lesson?
Who does our narrator seem to be jealous of?
Chinese immigrants began arriving in the 1800's
Chinese values were much different from American
Example) Dove
*Symbols create depth and insight in a story
Authors use: Existing symbols or Created symbols
Symbolism helps readers draw conclusions about the theme of the story
What does this info tell us about Chinese values?
So why might the girls' mother try to hide the fact that she is working?
What does the narrator tell Miss Crosman to explain why they are wet?
Contrast the true story of how the girls got to the lesson with the symbolism of arriving in a convertible?
What might a convertible symbolize?
What item belonging to this person is our narrator most jealous of?
How does our narrator view this item? pg. 419 paragraph 2.
How does the narrator plan to get an umbrella?
What does the narrator think the white umbrella would symbolize to her mother?
How do you know?
Why is the ability to play the piano well so important to the narrator?
If you were going to use one word to describe what seems to be most important to our narrator, what would that be?
Why do the sisters have to wait after piano lesson?
Where is their mother?
Why does the narrator resist going inside even after Miss Crosman invites them back in?
pg. 422: How is her response different from her sister's?
What do we find out about Miss Crosman?
What does Miss Crosman do for the narrator?
What does the narrator say in response to this act of kindness?
How do these words come back to haunt her?
What does our narrator finally realize and how do we find this out?
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