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GREGORY MERTZ: Resume / Prezume

Engaged, student-centered, and progressive, I am passionate about educating the “whole child.” I am highly motivated, creative, and eager to capitalize on my experience working in high-caliber programs to help learners reach their potential.

Greg Mertz

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of GREGORY MERTZ: Resume / Prezume

Educational Technology
Northeastern University
My variety of work experiences leads to a
of skills that apply to new situations
Nysmith School
for the Gifted

Technology Skills
MS Office Suite
Google Suite
Apple iWork
Master of Education (Learning & Instruction) with concentration in Educational Technology, 2014
• Cumulative GPA: 4.0
• Course work designated "exemplar work" by professor to guide future students
• "Technology in K12 Education" project featured in Northeastern University's marketing materials
Allegheny College
Bachelor of Science, Double major: Environmental Science and Studio Art, 1999
• Graduated cum laude
• Awarded Departmental Honors for Outstanding Senior Thesis
• Accolades: Lambda Sigma Honor Society, Presidential Merit Scholarship, Outdoor Club President
"I have really appreciated the depth you brought to each week's discussion. You are a strong critical thinker. One of the skills you regularly demonstrated (that I am now going to integrate into my rubrics as a way to help students better understand what goes into high level learning) is that you made connections between the readings and ideas from week to week."

- Professor Shaunna Harrington
Northeastern University
I was so proud of the work you created ... that I shared it with the Senior Assistant Dean and Director of the Graduate School of Education. She would like to use it to highlight the work being done and demonstrate the success of the revised program during recruiting events. [paraphrase]

- Dr. Lydia Young
Director, Masters Programs in Education
Northeastern University
Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Outlook,
Docs, Spreadsheets,
Presentations, Sites,
Pages, Numbers,
Keynote, iMovie,
Movie Maker,

1:1 iPads, Blogs, Smartphones,
Educreations, Prezi, Edmodo,
Glogster, Twitter, Facebook,
Bubbl.us, Wikis
& more

A background in visual art has become more valuable as more digital information is being communicated visually.
Who am I, beyond the resume?

: team member on 3 month Canadian canoe expedition and 1,500 mile trans-Alaska expedition

: Tough Mudder

: personal focus on sustainable food, gardening, hunting, and cooking

What am I l king for?
Full-time, academic year employment at an independent school in the greater Boston area
A work environment that values innovation, relationships, and growth
An opportunity to employ educational technology skills and foster student growth through imaginative projects
Fay School
Outdoor Program Coordinator,
Lead Live-In Dorm Parent,
Head Athletics Coach,
Challenge 20/20 Advisor,
Substitute Teacher

Learnings: Served in a variety of positions and developed compassionate approach to student interactions

Master Teacher: Third Grade Science,
Co-Teacher: Elementary Computer Skills,
Co-Teacher: Digital Video

Learnings: Honed ability to differentiate instruction and structure lessons for maximum student engagement

Project Manager for
Residential Construction

Learnings: Developed ability to manage large, complex tasks and teams of people

2004 - 2006
Ryan Homes
Voyageur Outward
Bound School
Lead Instructor in
Wilderness Programs

Learnings: Harnessed the power of experiential education and fostered ability to deliver effective lessons

2000 - 2003
I look forward
to being in touch!

scan the QR code for a link
to my ePortfolio

Do you have thoughts about how my skills and aspirations might match your needs?
innovative, passionate, progressive


event, GoRuck Challenge, Boston
Advance slides using your arrow keys.
Adjust volume with controls on your computer.
" Greg is knowledgeable and organized, and especially adept at facilitating student learning in a way that is supportive yet emphasizes student investment in the learning process. He holds students to high standards while building relationships with them; as a result, they want to work harder for him because they know his praise is genuine when it is earned."

-Kara Ashley
Learning Specialist, Fay School
"Greg’s humor and energetic personality came through in all of his lessons. His students had fun while learning and the nitty-gritty details always served to enhance larger concepts. Greg tried to approach topics from the student perspective in an effort to most effectively engage the children- taking the class to pan for gold while studying rocks, raising crickets and counting their chirps to tell temperature, and launching homemade hot air balloons to explore air density are all great examples of his ability to find the fun at the heart of a lesson."

-Kathleen Hand
Master Teacher, Nysmith School for the Gifted
Highly organized & a strong multi-tasker
Proven leader with a proactive mindset
Effective communicator & collaborator
Creative, intelligent, & logical thinker
Tenacious in pursuit of goals
Recognize & solve problems quickly
Rapid Prototyping,
Laser Cutter,
3D Printing,
Design Thinking

"The Intro" by The Xxs
"Greg has a calm and confident way about him that disarms students, allowing them to be themselves in his presence. His thoughtful approach to education is a welcomed addition for students who are over-stimulated. His demeanor encourages students to think deeply and they know it is okay to spend a little more time to make understanding meaningful. I have enjoyed getting to know Greg as a person and a teacher. I trust his instincts in any situation and know he has the student's best interest at heart."

-Matthew Evans
Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs,
St. Peter's School

"It is because of his breadth of experience that I recommend, without hesitation, Greg Mertz for a position in any school. His tenacity, adaptability, and ability to make good things happen ensures he will not disappoint- regardless of the undertaking!"
-Lainie Schuster
Head of Lower School, Fay School
"I had the pleasure of working with Greg Mertz at Ryan Homes during the peak of the housing boom in the most rapidly growing county in the nation. In that fast paced environment, Greg demonstrated a solid work ethic, exceptional organizational skills, and an ability to handle multiple competing priorities with a calm demeanor.... Greg's remarkably high customer satisfaction rating is a testament to his ability to maintain an unfailing focus on the customer's needs. He was, and remains, well-liked and respected by clients, subcontractors, and co-workers alike."

-Matt Warner
Project Manager, Carrington Homes

or visit
"Greg maintains a 'growth-mindset' and, in an environment where technology is continually evolving, this quality is extremely valuable.

He is innovative ... thorough, and inquisitive, and finds success in that which he undertakes."

-Peter Fearey,
Director of Innovation
Fay School

Technology Integration Specialist

Learnings: Improved technology usage and adoption while facilitating culture of growth

2014 - present
Preparatory School
Published Works
Co-authored paper:
"Mobile Phone Use by Middle School Students"
Published in the Encyclopedia of Mobile Phone Behavior by IGI Global, 2015
Highlights the ways that middle school students use mobile phones and the resulting impact on their academics, social relations,safety, and health.

"Greg tangibly makes me a better teacher. His gamified approach to improving faculty skills directly expanded my teaching repertoire, encouraging me to use a variety of apps I never would have tried or even discovered. He pushed me to utilize more features of the school’s Learning Management System, which he directly implemented. For example, he guided me to bring online discussion boards and online quizzes to my classes to facilitate student collaboration and free up class time for instruction and discussion. His work ethic is contagious and he inspires everyone around him to improve. He approaches all issues with a big-picture perspective, going beyond his job description to impact the school through branding, audiovisual content creation, and professional development. His positive impact on the school is immeasurable."

-Rob Taylor
Lead Technology Teacher,
Austin Preparatory School
Book cover and interior design:
"Ritual and Bit" by Robert Ostrom
Published by Saturnalia Books, 2016
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