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Habit #4 : Think Win-Win

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Gabrielle Penner

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Habit #4 : Think Win-Win

Thinking Lose-Win
-Okay, I lose. You can have it all.
-Being a doormat and always letting others have their way
-Compromising what you believe in and giving in to peer pressure
-It is sometimes okay to let others win, but take a stand on important issues
Thinking Lose-Lose
-If I'm going down, then everyone else is going down with me
-If two people want to win at all costs then they are both going to end up losing
-In other words, there is no good outcome and it brings out the worst in both people

Habit #4 : Think Win-Win
Habit 4
Think Win-Win
Life is an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

One person's success is not another person's loss
Thinking Win-Win
-Everybody can win
-Believing that there is enough success to go around

Thinking Win-Lose
-Only one person can win
-If she wins, that means I lose and that is not going to happen
-I will do anything to get ahead
-Stepping on others to get what you want
-"The pie of success is only so big."

Well, what if we can't find a Win-Win solution?
How can I think Win-Win?
-Win the private victory first then avoid the tumor twins:

“Life is like a great obstacle course. Each person has their own course, separated from every other course by tall walls. Your course becomes complete with customized obstacles designed for your personal growth. What good does it do to climb the wall to see how well your neighbor is doing to check out his obstacles in comparison to your own?”
-Don't step on others (Win-Lose)
-Don't get stepped on (Lose-Win)

-If you can't agree on a solution, just don't do it. No deal.
-Try another day
Definition of Win-Win
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"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"
-George Eliot
Thinking Win-Win and Morality
Morality is about the principles you live by that define what kind of person you eventually become. If you live by the principle of thinking win-win, helping others to succeed but helping yourself succeed as well, you will end up as a genuinely nice person and you will have more friends because of it.
-Competition can be healthy if it is challenging you to become your best
-It stops being healthy when you develop a win-at-any-cost attitude
-We have to stop competing over everything and start enjoying life
-Just like competition, comparing yourself against your own potential is healthy
-Once you start comparing everything you do, to others, and think that no matter what there is always someone better than you or more talented than you, you have to break out of the habit and be yourself
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