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Resume: Nicolas Jovanovich

Business & Strategy vision with wide experience in marketing & new business development. Strong analytical skills with business wisdom & creativity. Ability to interact and conduct business in cultural diversity and changing contexts.

nicolas jovanovich

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Resume: Nicolas Jovanovich

Nicolas Jovanovich
Business & Strategy vision with wide experience in marketing & new business development.
More than twenty years in the commercial area of leader companies in the Food & Beverage
Industry, combining strong analytical skills with business wisdom & creativity to contribute to
add value through market and product diversification, with bottom line results.
Ability to interact and conduct business in cultural diversity and changing contexts.
Strong knowledge of sales channels in South America

Traveling is undoubtedly one of the most enriching life events, allows you to: interact with other people, have an overall look, solve problems from a different perspective, and in that attempt to share your culture, without realizing finish incorporating the other, by becoming a citizen of the world.
This book is a road map of my last 5 years. I hope you enjoy...

Director - Communication & Image Committee
AVVN - Asociación Vecinos Villa Nueva
March 2013 - Social Services
Volunteer Experience
Created and integrated by the neighbors to discuss ideas and make decisions on issues that affect the quality of life of the whole community. With a role of growing importance in the districts of Villa Nueva, the AVVN is recognized to ensure the drinking water throughout the area, help maintain the safety standards of the neighbors, promote development in low income neighborhoods and support institutions common good.less
Dual Citizenship
Anheuser-Busch InBev
August 1994 – September 1997 (3 years 2 months)

Cervecería Quilmes Buenos Aires - Argentina

Marketing Assistant
Product launches
Offers to trade & consumer - POP
Sales Force Incentive Plans
Consumer Market Research

Marketing 94-97

Brand Manager 97-99
September 1997 – April 1999 (1 year 8 months)
Brand Manager of Yerba Mate Unión & Taragui Tea
Trade Marketing Manager 99-03
May 1999 – March 2003 (3 years 11 months)
Strong knowledge of retail channels in South America
Category Managment
April 2003 – September 2008 (5 years 6 months)
Business intelligence
Intelligent use of new technology
Breaking down organizational barriers between departments & Eliminating layers of management creating flatter organizational hierarchies.
Achieve high growth and profits by creating a Blue Ocean Strategy
Sales orientation
Strategic Business Manager (Planner) 03-08
Developing yerba mate from Argentina in sophisticated markets.
Elaborate market penetration strategies analyzing targeted
market structures; Find foreign customers, distributors, & manufacturing agents.

Elaborate marketing plans for foreign destinations
finding the best promotional tools;
Provide information on export laws and regulations
defining products and labeling requirements
Participate in commercial missions abroad, offering
conferences and workshops.
Organize foreign buyers' visits & recruit
manufacturers for foreign buyers.
Define and coordinate implementation
of digital marketing strategy.
Foreign Trade Manager Sales & Marketing 08-today
Facultad de Agronomía - Universidad de Buenos Aires
International marketing Professor
September 2012 – Present
Posgrado en Alta Dirección de Comercio Exterior Agroalimentario

Teaching & research experience
Universidad de Belgrano
Licentiate degree, Business Administration and Management, General (1990 – 1994)
Activities and Societies: Award Winner
"Diario El Cronista Comercial" for work: World Class Manufacturing In this work there is an analysis of the synergy potential to complement manufacturing stages between countries of South America

Activities and Societies: Editor of the student school Magazine: "Nosotros"
Captain of the basketball team

Colegio La Salle
Bachelor of commerce
1985 - 1989
Education &
Academic backgrounds
Spanish - Native
English - Professional working proficiency
French - Elementary proficiency
Nicolas Jovanovich
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