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Power In Relationships

No description

Rhys Vance

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of Power In Relationships

But first.. What relationships do we have?
Power in Relationships
In this lesson you will explore power in relationships. You will learn what power is used for and how people can use the personal power they have in relationships to either help or hurt others.
Power In Relationships
How may power have an impact on my

Is this Relationship positive or negative?
Power in Relationships
Explain how power has been used in the scenario and the impacts this has on the people involved.
Power can be used in positive ways that respect and care for others.
Power can also be misused when there is little or no respect for others. An example of negative power is someone's use of his or her size or strength to abuse or bully another person.
When we use our power in relationships in a positive way, our relationships will become stronger. This means that not only will our actions make others feel good in the short term, but the relationship will continue long into the future.
In positive relationships, there is a positive balance of power. This means both people feel free to be who they are and express their thoughts and feelings because their opinions will be met with respect. Both people feel they have equal control over the decisions that are made. Being respectful of the other person's feelings, their right to be heard and their right to feel safe will ensure a balance of power is maintained.
Identify the individual/s with the power
Give reasons why they have the power
How they use their power (negative or positive)?
How does their power impact other people?

The district athletics carnival is coming up soon and Joey is on the relay team. He is having trouble getting his baton change right. The other team members encourage him to ask their PDHPE teacher, Ms Smith, for help. Joey is glad that his team mates are helping him solve the problem. Ms Smith is happy to coach the team after school.
Jada is the smallest in her class. During lunch she plays Basketball with her friends on the school courts. Wayne often takes the basketball from Jada and throws it to his mates. He laughs at Jada and tells her that Basketball is for boys. Jada feels humiliated and powerless.
Rina and her friends are the popular girls in their year. They are good looking, smart and talented. Other girls want to be part of Rina’s group. Rina is a really great Soccer player and she is in the state training squad for Soccer. In PDHPE, she often helps out other girls who need help with their Soccer skills.
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