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Energy Proposal:

No description

Dean Vidovich

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Energy Proposal:

Wave Energy
Problem Statement
The problem that we have been asked to solve is an energy problem in Virginia Beach. The company, Energy Everywhere Inc has asked the stockholders to come up with a solution,and Mr. Bremer asked us to help him out. The energy source that we have chosen is wave energy. Our group thinks that wave energy is the better for a few reasons, and this following report is why. If you don’t know, wave energy is a renewable energy that gathers from the movement of waves. They are pretty much buoys attached to the ocean floor that move around with the ocean. High pressure water goes into a machine, and low pressure goes out. In light of all these observations we conclude that wave energy is the best option and for an alternative energy source in Virginia Beach.
Proposed Solution
Our proposed solution is to use point absorber wave energy. This energy uses underwater buoys to collect energy. The way they collect energy is by vertical movement. When they sway back and forth, it converts it into energy.
Our groups rationale is that wave energy would be the most efficient alternative energy source. Our group has weighed the pros and cons of wave energy and have come to this conclusion.
Our groups consensus is that by using wave energy we will fulfill Virginia beach's needs and not affect tourism in a negative way. A problem however is that ships may be potentially harmed while wave energy is in use. To solve this we will
simply place buoys into areas where
ships and people won't go to. We also think that the way wave enrgy is used is more efficiently than the way wind and solar energy are used.
Not only that but they're less expensive to maintain. In conclusion we think that wave energy will be the most efficent power source for Virginia beach.
Energy Proposal:
Wave Energy

Dean Vidovich
Brian Johnson
Steven Nguyen
Calvin Quick
Brian Tran

More Information
To initiate our project we will propose our plans to Energy Everywhere, Inc. The company will review our plan. If they choose to proceed the company will then gather all the materials they need to complete the project. The materials needed to be considered are resources, environmental factors, and money. For our type of energy source we will require a large section of the Atlantic ocean. We also will need to be aware of wildlife. This project will require trained personnel to operate it. The last factor in the project will be money. However the semi large start up cost of the project might seem large. However, it can be seen as an investment because this type of energy last for a long time and does not cost much money to operate.
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